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Activities For Children

Being A Single Parent

Almost everyone wants to be a good single parent for their children. They take parenting quite seriously and throw all their energy into raising their kids. This is equally true to parents who are single. They want to be good role models and teachers for their children. They want their children to be happy and […]

Raising Children to be Giving

Most children often enjoy giving gifts to their loved ones especially to their parents. This is especially true during the holiday season. Raising children to be giving during the rest of the year can be a little tricky, but it can be done using some of these ideas. Adopt a Grandparent Many nursing homes have […]

Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Being a single mom it can be hard getting creative for your son’s birthday. Party themes can be difficult to come up with even more difficult trying to arrange everything associated with the theme and doing so may get expensive. It’s not cheap buying a cake, eating supplies, costumes, decorations, etc and you want to […]

Beach Vacation for Toddlers

Going on a beach vacation with toddlers is no easy task, especially for single moms. However it is also not a task that is impossible. With the proper planning and still keeping a friendly budget in mind, you can still make this one of the best trips with your toddler, guaranteed! What should you take? […]

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

Planning Birthday Parties for girls, while staying on a budget, can be hard for single moms. However there are some budget friendly birthday party themes for girls. These are cute and adorable themes (and not to mention, with a pretty adorable budget). Here are some cute birthday party themes fit for your little girl: Aloha […]

Camping With Kids

Looking for a fun and easy vacation destination or day trip with the kids? How about camping? Camping can be a wonderful place for you and kids. Camping is an especially good place to go when you are tight on a budget. The only major price that you must pay is the initial charge of […]

Educational Games

Educational Games are something that everyone loves to play and it’s even better when there is some learning involved. There are many educational games out there that are catered towards kids and parents for a better experience for kids. They have some simple learning and educational games that are perfect for family bonding time for […]

Road Trip Games to Keep the Kids Busy

Sure, today’s cars come equipped with video players and handheld gaming systems ensure that no one gets too bored in the car, but what will you do on a long road trip when you run out of movies or have a child who is too carsick to play her DS? Road trip games require no […]

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is coming around the corner. This is one holiday that is every child’s favorite because they get to go around colleting candy! Being a single mom, you may want to do something fun and exciting with your child and his or her friends. You don’t want him or her to sit home alone doing […]

Keep Children Busy This Summer

As school comes to an end, many single moms worry how they are going to take off their children all summer. Kids can be quite demanding.  However if you have an action plan so to how you will keep your kids busy and educate them a little (on a budget), this summer will go by […]

Family Night: Have You Played “The Game of Life”?

The Game of Life isn’t really about real life at all. It’s about playing and having fun while the kids think they are making adult decisions in the real world. The Hasbro game is usually better known simply as Life and is a board game for 2 to 6 players. Although it’s recommended for ages […]