About Us

In 2007, a woman, once a single mother herself, came up with the idea to create Single Mom Financial Help. It arose out of the desire to help single moms improve their lives and families by providing the resources on the website. At Snap In Media, a web development company that was just starting out in Fort Collins, CO, the site was born. Here, our passion is to give single mothers the most diverse and widely applicable resources to help them learn how to improve their situations.

Once Single Mom Financial Help was going strong, we brought three related sites online, specifically focused on the needs of single mothers, to provide them with the widest coverage of three main areas, Parenting, Education, and Career.

  • Single Mom Parenting Help was created to supply single moms with relevant and current information about parenting and raising children. Here, moms can find answers about things like child behavior, reading help for children, arts and crafts ideas, and how to accommodate special diets.
  • The goal at Single Mom Education Help is to help moms successfully find their way through the process of getting a higher education. You’ll find information about how to apply for financial aid, how to manage your time for both school and home, and understanding your options when it comes to online degrees, campuses and night school.
  • Single Mom Career Help aims to bring the necessary tools to single mothers so they can learn about work from home options, job search strategies, as well as how to balance their career goals with their parenting duties.

Our focus at Single Mom Help is to provide single mothers with the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their children. With each new post that we publish, we hope that the information contained in it will help single moms put those ideas into action so that they are able to become successful, self-sufficient single parents in all areas of their lives.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at singlemomparentinghelp.com is to provide useful information for women from every background to help them manage the role of parenting on their own.

Through our social media connections on Facebook and Twitter, we have tried to make a welcoming place for women to reach out to one another, where they can share their thoughts, hopes and experiences.

Single Mom Parenting Help has information to help you learn more about child development, nutrition, physical activity, and home improvement, among many other topics.

Knowing more about these areas of parenting will help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you will face being a single parent. We want to help you become strong independent women as you go through one of the greatest experiences in life, being a parent.

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