Why Kids Cry

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Kids cry for many reasons and many times it can be hard for mothers to tell why their child is crying. There are, however, psychological reasons that children cry and knowing what they are can really help single mothers identify why their children are crying and what they are trying to communicate to them.

One reason, and the most common, that children cry is because they are hungry. Since they have no other way to communicate and let anyone that they are hungry, the prefer to cry to communicate. Usually when they cry, try feeding them milk and most of the time, that should calm them down.

Another reason that babies tend to cry is because they feel uncomfortable. Maybe their diaper is bugging them. Maybe their clothes could be bugging them. Uncomfortable clothing and uncomfortable diapers usually lead to skin rashes, something you should avoid.

Many a times, kids and babies also cry if they are irritated by a loud noise. Sometimes something like a vacuum or a garbage truck can frighten babies and that is why they may be crying. Sometimes even dishes can bother them.

They may also cry because they need to be entertained. They may need a paying companion. Entertain them. Play peek a boo or sing to them. Give them little toys to also switch their attention off of the thing that was making them cry. They need your attention and they are crying to let you know.

Kids will also cry if they are tired. The only way that they can express themselves being tired is by crying. Try to lull them to sleep if it is close to their sleeping time. Babies need a lot of sleep and that could be why they are crying. Children will also get quite cranky if they do not get enough sleep.

If you get to understand and comprehend the reasons why babies cry, it will help you in helping their needs and having them stop crying.

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