What Motivates Your Child to Learn?

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by Patrice on February 9, 2011 · 2 comments

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Parent and teachers use a lot of tricks and techniques to teach children throughout their development. There are many ways to approach a math problem. There are also many techniques to help your child develop reading skills.

Single moms want to know how to motivate their child to learn new skills they need during their developing years. The most common technique is the reward system, but there are other rewards in a child’s life than just a gold star or paper award. Sometimes even the candy treat reward can be improved upon.

Single moms and teachers can motivate a child by discovering what makes the child feel good about themselves and let the pride of feeling good be the main reward.

Some kids learn best in a group environment. They love to be part of a successful team. Some kids move into leadership rolls while others enjoy being an active and productive participant. Being in a group setting is all the motivation the child needs to perform at their highest level.

Achieving success on their own is reward enough for other children. They will plug away at a task quietly until they find a solution and bring the project in successfully. The feeling of self-satisfaction of an attained goal is a better reward than any amount of praise by others.

Many children will complete a task because they know that they will be praised upon its completion. They like the attention they receive after the task is completed successfully and are happy just being noticed for their success.

A challenge is all that’s required to motivate other kids. If they have a chance to be first or to win, they need no other reward to jump into the task than a chance to be seen as the best. These kids may even try to improve on their previous accomplishments if no other competitor is available.

Some kids just need to know because they are inquisitive. The ‘why does’, ‘why are’ questions of their early years can now drive them into finding out answers to anything that crosses their mind.

Once the single mom has found out what motivates her child, she can incorporate the technique into her child’s education. It’s important to remember that gold stars and special treats as a reward for a job well done should still be used. The child needs to know that no matter what motivates them to do well their achievements are recognized and appreciated.

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Angie February 11, 2011 at 4:24 pm

I always found that praise motivated me so much. More so than getting something such as a game or new toy. I loved hearing my mom say I am so proud of you. It made me want to work even harder!


Savannah February 17, 2011 at 10:21 am

Children love hearing praise – it makes them feel so loved!


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