Turn Story Time into Learning Time

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by Patrice on February 19, 2011 · 2 comments

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Reading books that have a positive impact on a child’s development can begin at an early age. What better place for a toddler or young child to learn about good habits and proper behavior than snuggled on moms lap during story time.

Joy Berry writes several series of books that can help a single mom tackle issues that most children are faced with during their development.

The Help Me Be Good series of books written by by Joy Berry deals with topics relating to manners, behavior and keeping kids on track. The wide variety of titles and topics cover each stage of a child’s development. The series is made up of 28 books.

A toddler can be introduced to books as they snuggle with mom while she read books that help them learn good behavior. Books for the one to three year age group include:

  • I Love Bedtime. A toddler often rebels at the idea of ending the day and having to get ready for bed. This book explains why it’s important to have a routine to get ready to go to bed and why sleep is so important.
  • I Love Bathtime. Not only will the toddler learn how important is to stay clean, the book also helps mom teach the toddler how to shower or bathe safely.
  • I Love Mealtime. This book makes no promises to the mom with the picky eater, but the story can encourage children to try new foods as mom reads to them about how important healthy meals are.

As the child reaches the age of 3 to 6, they can be introduced to different topics during their special story time with mom. Some of the books in the Let’s Talk About series targeted to this age group include:

  • Let’s Talk About Feeling Angry. Reading time can be turned into discussion time as this book opens up dialog between mom and child about how they handle their emotions.
  • Let’s Talk About Feeling Afraid. The single mom wants to know the fears that her child harbors. As they read this book in the safety of moms lap, they can talk about fear and find ways to handle the emotion.
  • Let’s Talk About Feeling Disappointed. Could there be a better way to let the single mom teach her child how to handle disappointment when she has to say no to a request. As the child listens to mom read they will understand that it’s normal to feel disappointed and learn how to handle that feeling.

As the child learns to read, they still enjoy being read to. The Fun and Easy Way series includes books that the child can read on their own, but mom may still choose to read them to the child because of the conversation opportunities they offer.

Older children, too, can benefit from reading books from the Good answers to Tough Questions series that covers difficult topics including moving, trauma, disasters and divorce.

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Trish February 22, 2011 at 6:12 am

This is wonderful, I sure to try this in my children. Sometimes I find it hard to get my kids interest in reading books, because they now love to play video games rather than to sit and listen to story telling.


Savannah February 22, 2011 at 9:13 am

If the story telling is just as fun and interactive as a video game, I think your children will love it just as much! If your kids are total techies, try getting books that do cool things, like make noises, or maybe even look into leap frog books or educational video games.


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