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Parenting is no easy task, especially if you’re a single mom doing it alone. Single mothers have to do it all, but sometimes we need a little help. Our site offers abundant information on parenting help, everything from finding a good daycare to dealing with divorce, activities for children,  and tips and suggestions to help you raise happy, healthy kids. Your children are the most important thing in your life as a single mother, and nurturing and providing for them can be a challenge when you don’t have a partner to share the parenting.

Whether you started out as a single mom, or became one due to a divorce, break-up, or even the death of your partner, you are not alone. Many single mothers have the same questions and concerns you do. At singlemomparentinghelp.com, we aim to give you the answers you need. Our categories make it easy for you to find whatever parenting help you’re looking for, whether you want to know how to find childcare, how to shop and buy gifts on a budget, or  how to answer the tough questions your children come up with as they grow older. We can help you find information about divorce and custody, proper nutrition—for you and your children, and even information about how to approach dating as a single mom.

Raising children on your own can be challenging no matter what age they are. It can be hard to keep track of all the things they need as they develop. A healthy diet, warm clothes and a safe place to live are only part of the equation. Kids need to participate in intellectual and physical activities as well. But, not to worry, we have ideas and parenting help information on how to encourage your child to learn and play, and how you can join in too!

When it comes to childcare, not all providers are created equal. As a single mother, you need to consider how much you can afford to pay for daycare or childcare, but you also need to choose a provider whom you can trust since they will be spending so much time with your children. We have resources and information to help you make the best decision about this crucial aspect of your life and the lives of your children.

A house shouldn’t just keep the rain off your head! It should be a home, a place where you can relax and enjoy your time with your family. We have tips to help you with home improvement and redecorating, without all the expense of remodeling. Simple touches can make your home feel more comfortable and inviting at the end of a long day, and most importantly, you can make it your own. Finding what suits your style and your family’s needs is all that matters. And it doesn’t have to come from a specialty or department store either!

Being a single mom, you face new challenges at every turn. At singlemomparentinghelp.com, we want to help you overcome those challenges, and become more knowledgeable about all the joys and worries of parenting.

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13 thoughts on “Parenting Help for Single Moms

  1. Being a single mom is a struggle, but it is nice to know that there is a site dedicated to just this on the internet. Some moms just do not have anywhere to turn so this site will be a welcome addition to many homes!

    1. I’m glad everything was so helpful to you. If you need any direction to certain help subjects, just let us know.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Rebecca and my mother and i had an agreement that she would watch my 1 year old (who is 1 1/2 now), so that i could go to school and get things together and not have to drag him through it all well i got myself into and abusive relationship and i left and now i live in a women shelter but i still want to go get my son back because he needs his mom and i need him . My mother is trying to tell me that she wont give him back to me and that she is going to take me to court over him because he doesn’t belong in a shelter with me so she wants my custody removed from me and given to her. I am suppose to take the police to her house tomorrow to go get him . how much of a chance does she have of preventing me from getting him tomorrow?

    1. It all depends on the custody situation. I would look into free or low cost legal help in our financial aid section so you can get help for when you go to court.

  3. As a single mom, I wanted to come up with new joys and challenges in raising my kids. And with this site, I have found a companion. It helps me to find and use simple, effective, easy ways to use as parenting strategies that will improve my child’s behavior and restore peace and quiet in my own home! Whether you want to transform your child’s behavior or you simply want to help your child reach their full potential, I am telling you now to bring up your fingers searching for this site.

    1. I’m so glad you found this site so helpful! If you need any specific information, don’t hesitate to ask and we can always point you in the right direction.

  4. I may not exactly be part of the “target audience” for this website, but I might someday be able to help… I am Stephanie, and I am 22 years old and working on getting a bachelor’s degree in social work. I am doing a field project report and am wondering if anyone knows where I could find information on single moms. How many are there in the United States, or in New York state alone? I am not exactly sure where to find statistics on this. Once I have data, I will go onto to looking at budgets for programs that assist single moms and make my own recommendations for how they may be helped in the future. It’s quite the exciting research project, indeed. I would be very glad if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    1. For the stats, try looking through your school’s online databases, or at the census data on government websites. However, this site could certainly help you out with looking at all the different programs out there, and we make plenty of suggestions of how single moms can get help that you could use. Have fun with your project!

  5. Just go over through this website. Browse and read the pages. I’m sure you’ll get every single piece of advice that you needed here! It gives helpful advice and tips in parenting for single moms.

    1. I’m glad you think all the information is so relevant and helpful! We try hard to give you guys information you can really use.

  6. Thanks for this website which gives me helpful advice in knowing and learning parenting techniques. This site is not only for single moms, it is also for moms who would want to learn more about parenting. Great site!

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it so much! And absolutely, this site is for anyone who can find its information useful.

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