Single Mom: How to Have An Affordable Thanksgiving

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by Denise on December 19, 2010 · 0 comments

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A single mom knows just how important the holidays are to their children. Building family traditions is very important, especially when you feel as though you are run ragged by work, financial worries, family issues, and handling the day-to-day needs of your kids. Sometimes you just long for a moment to unplug, sit back, relax, and enjoy being with your children!

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Yes, there is the tradition of dinner on the table, but isn’t the TRUE tradition all about being together?

When finances are tight, single moms need all the help they can get. Putting on a big spread at Thanksgiving requires a bit of extra planning and care to make it a memorable occasion. Try a few of these ideas to make your Thanksgiving stand out this year — and to make it easier on your budget.

  • Make a homemade centerpiece. Get your kids in on the act and make the centerpiece for your table. Collect pine cones from the ground outside, pine needles for the scent, use scraps of paper and glue to create a turkey, and ask the kids how creative they can get in putting it all together!
  • Cook from scratch. A single mom can do it all! Convenience foods are much easier, but cooking from scratch will save money. Take your time in doing this — it isn’t necessary to do it all in one day! Make a few dishes the day before and put them in the fridge. You can do the same with the pies and cakes you decide to make. Slow-cook the turkey overnight, and then whip together the rest of your dinner while it’s finishing up.
  • Let your kids help. A single mom needs as much help a she can get in the kitchen on Thanksgiving! Show the children what you need to have done. Give them small chores, such as setting the table or sweeping the floor. You can let them cook as well…kids love watching the blender work or the Jell-o wiggle as it sets.
  • Who says it has to be traditional? Sometimes, the more modern ways can be a traditional all on their own. If you don’t have the time to cook dinner, consider going out somewhere nice with your kids on Thanksgiving Day. Places like Cracker Barrel offer day-long Thanksgiving dinners, and the cost of the meal is about the same as what you might spend for a decent-sized turkey.
  • Volunteer to help someone else. One of the best Thanksgiving celebrations can be simply giving back to others. Go to a rescue mission and volunteer to hand out food. When everyone is fed, sit down with your kids and eat with the other volunteers. There is nothing like that warm feeling of helping someone else — unless it’s the warm feeling of watching your kids follow your good example!

A single mom needs to show their family just how amazing the holidays are. It’s important to show your kids that the holidays aren’t always just about the picture perfect family.  Be sure to show your children how wonderful their mom is this season!

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As a mom to three girls Denise knows the difficulties of being a single parent. Denise has been working to help single moms across the country since 2007. In her free time Denise enjoys camping, riding four wheelers and just spending time with her family.

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