Redecorate for Free? Just Rearrange!

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by Mike on March 11, 2011 · 2 comments

in Decorating On A Budget

Imagine giving your rooms a whole new look without spending a penny. For the single mom on a tight budget, this is the first trick she should try when she decides it’s time to redecorate. Simply rearranging the furniture can give a fresh and totally new look to any room.

Decorate within your budget and give your living space a new look by taking the time to recognize the things you like about the room as well as the things that you want to change. Identify these concerns by standing in the entry way of the room and taking notes.


Is it easy to get around in the room, or do the furnishings get in the way of going from one part of the room to another? What are the most important pathways and how can they be improved?

Some pathways are more important than others and must be more easily navigated. Paths to the room exits are more important that an easy pathway to reach the storage cabinet that only needs to be rummaged in occasionally.


Large pieces of furniture make a room look smaller. Did you buy a matching love seat when you purchased your couch because it came as a set or because you need the seating space? A love seat doesn’t have to be in the same room as the couch. If you have another area in the home that could benefit with the addition of the love seat, consider moving it. Two smaller chairs will offer the same amount of seating and make the room look larger.

As far as seating goes, does the furniture in the room address the seating needs of your family?  Unless you entertain regularly, you don’t need to provide more seating in the room in preparation for the unexpected guest. Accommodations can easily be made for the drop in visitor by bringing a chair in from another part of the home.


Does each piece of furniture in the room serve a function, or did you just place it in the room because you thought it was right to do so? Side tables aren’t a required piece of furniture in the living room any more than nightstands are absolutely necessary in the bedroom. Unless a piece of furniture is cherished or serving a specific use, consider finding another place for it.


A room can get a whole new look just by changing the way the eye moves from one area to another. Consider adding height contrasts by rearranging wall hangings. Put large decorative pieces on top of flat surfaces to add height.

Before you act on the ideas you’ve jotted down by inspecting the room and start lugging furniture around your home, remember that function and attractiveness is not the only reward of the decorating project. Your room has to be inviting to you and your family. Keep the items you cherish, no matter if they serve a specific function or not.

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Jordin March 14, 2011 at 9:26 am

This is great, you don’t really need to spend anything, just use a little creativity and rearranging to give your room or your kids room a new look.


Angie March 14, 2011 at 4:50 pm

This is a very easy thing to do. Moving furniture is easy to do and if you want you can even move one item to another room and vice versa.


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