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Children Ages 5 to 9

Establishing a Daily Schedule for Elementary Kids

Young kids going to school for the first time or even elementary school age children going back after a summer vacation are facing big changes. A huge chunk of their waking hours are now being spent away from their family and away from their homes. In the rush to get ready for school in the […]

When Real Questions Replace the Automatic ‘Why?’

Single moms know that once their child reaches school age they tend to start to grow up quickly. Along with the pride mom feels that her child is finally maturing, she has to remember that his thought process and even sense of humor are maturing, also. It’s hard to do when the result seem to […]

Household Chores Prove that Four Hands are Better than Two

It’s a good thing we like to be needed. As single moms, we sure seem to be needed a lot. Besides being needed to bring in the money needed to run the household, we’re needed to purchase and prepare the food, pay the bills, do the upkeep on the home and never take our eyes […]

How World News Can Cause Anxiety For Children

Unsettling world news can make the single mom agitated, at the very least. Imagine what a child is thinking as they see the same explosion, earthquake or tsunami footage played over and over again on the TV as mom leaves the 24 hour cable news on to catch any updates as they may happen. If […]

Build Self Assurance Through Memories

As your child makes his way out into the world, attending school classes and visiting the homes of friends, it is important that he builds his feeling of belonging. Deportment and self assurance acquired during these early years needs to be encouraged so that as he emerges from this slow and steady time of his […]

Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

In the early elementary grades, your child’s teacher is a vital source of information for you as a mom. The teacher can give you insights into how your child is doing socially and academically, but you must learn how to effectively communicate with her to get the most information. As a single mom, being at […]

Activities and New Social Experiences

Once children reach the slow and steady age that usually happens between 5 and 9 years, outside influences of friends and teachers, including participation in extracurricular activities, will begin to show up in their home life. The busy single mom can keep up with the reasons behind these changes by taking steps to open the […]

5 Tips for Raising Elementary Kids

Raising elementary kids can be one of the most fun times for you and your children. From age five till age nine, children are at the very beginning of one of the biggest adventures of their life: The school years. Parenting children as a single mom during this time is much like racing turtles. It […]