Questions About Money and How to Answer Them

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by Nicole on May 9, 2011 · 1 comment

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For many single moms, money is a daily struggle. Without the support of another adult in the home, they are forced to live on just one income, and that can make life challenging at times. Sometimes kids pick up on this and will ask difficult questions, like “are we poor?” or “why can Johnny have that and we can’t?” If money is an emotionally difficult topic for you, answering these questions about money can be challenging. Here are some tips.

First, make sure your child knows that you are going to be sure his needs are met. Questions about being “poor” often stem from a fear that they will not have a place to live or food on the table. By reassuring them, you can take this fear away.

Next, be honest with your child about money. Explain that some families have two grown ups who can work, and they have more money than you do. That means they can afford some things that you cannot afford, but that does not mean that they are “better” than you in any way. This can also be a good opportunity to talk to your child about career choices and the different incomes that come with various careers. While you do not want your child to think less of the career you have, you do want to help him make wise choices about his future career.

Finally, when questions about money come up, make sure you do not promote your own financial insecurities. The answer may be as simple as, “Their family does things differently than we do,” and leaving it at that. Your child will quickly figure out how things are not always the same in this life, and he simply wants your reassurance that your family is OK and will have its needs met.

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Nicole Harms is a freelance writer and a busy mom to two preschool daughters. She received a bachelor’s degree in education from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, but after four years in the classroom she turned in the chalk for the virtual pen. When not researching or writing she is busy chasing her two daughters around or traveling.

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Elena May 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Thank you for this information, I have been having trouble trying to talk to my son about our financial situation.


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