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As a single mom, you can teach your kids a lot about life, the earth, and science by gardening with them, but let’s face it. You simply do not have time to invest hours into your garden. These plants that will grow anywhere can be a great solution. As long as you do not forget to water them on occasion, you should have success if you plant some of these.

Dwarf Evergreens

There is a reason landscapers love those tiny little pine trees. Dwarf evergreens are very hard to kill, provided they are not in direct sun. Consider planting a few of these around your home to add some lovely green to your landscape.

Coral Bells

If you want to add flowers, consider coral bells. These plants will grow in most areas of the United States, including some parts of Alaska. They are beautiful both when they are flowering and when they are not. They will require some shade, so avoid them if you do not have a bit of cover over your garden.


If you have window boxes, consider coreopsis. These plants hold their flowers for a long part of the season, and they also do well with sun. For the apartment-dwelling single mom who wants to garden with her kids, this is an excellent option.

Cherry Tomatoes

Sometimes, decorative options are not your only reason for gardening. Maybe you want to teach your kids a little more about where their food comes from. If this is the case for you, then consider planting some cherry tomatoes. These do well provided you have enough sun, and can be grown in containers if you want. Your kids will love being able to pick tomatoes off of the vine and eat them fresh, and you will love watching them learn more about growing their own food.


Herbs are also excellent plants that will grow anywhere for those who struggle to garden well. They can be beautiful, and some can even ward off certain pests, and they also provide a culinary benefit. Again, you can kill two birds with one proverbial stone with these hardy plants. Just research the water and sun requirements for the herbs you are considering planting, and do not be afraid to use containers for these hardy plants.

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