Regular Dentist and Doctor Visits

December 13, 2011

Working is really important but there is no point of working for anything if you are not well. Single mom, so much of your time is taken up my work and kids that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself and stay available for your children’s appointments. Having regular doctor and dentist check-ups is [...]

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Birthday Party Themes For Boys

December 8, 2011

Being a single mom it can be hard getting creative for your son’s birthday. Party themes can be difficult to come up with even more difficult trying to arrange everything associated with the theme and doing so may get expensive. It’s not cheap buying a cake, eating supplies, costumes, decorations, etc and you want to [...]

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Beach Vacation for Toddlers

December 6, 2011

Going on a beach vacation with toddlers is no easy task, especially for single moms. However it is also not a task that is impossible. With the proper planning and still keeping a friendly budget in mind, you can still make this one of the best trips with your toddler, guaranteed! What should you take? [...]

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Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

December 2, 2011

Planning Birthday Parties for girls, while staying on a budget, can be hard for single moms. However there are some budget friendly birthday party themes for girls. These are cute and adorable themes (and not to mention, with a pretty adorable budget). Here are some cute birthday party themes fit for your little girl: Aloha [...]

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Camping With Kids

November 28, 2011

Looking for a fun and easy vacation destination or day trip with the kids? How about camping? Camping can be a wonderful place for you and kids. Camping is an especially good place to go when you are tight on a budget. The only major price that you must pay is the initial charge of [...]

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Educational Games

November 22, 2011

Educational Games are something that everyone loves to play and it’s even better when there is some learning involved. There are many educational games out there that are catered towards kids and parents for a better experience for kids. They have some simple learning and educational games that are perfect for family bonding time for [...]

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Saving Energy – And Money – Around the House

November 17, 2011

Going green is the new latest trend. It can save you money and it will also be good for the environment. There are many things that single mothers can do as well when it comes to going green and conserving energy around the house and the community. There are simple day to day changes that [...]

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Swimming With Babies

November 15, 2011

Being a single mom can be hard, especially with babies. What better way to bond with your child than swimming with your baby? Swimming for babies can be so much fun, for you and the child. You will bond and your child will learn some important skills along the way. With your busy schedule as [...]

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Why Kids Cry

November 9, 2011

Kids cry for many reasons and many times it can be hard for mothers to tell why their child is crying. There are, however, psychological reasons that children cry and knowing what they are can really help single mothers identify why their children are crying and what they are trying to communicate to them. One [...]

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The Best Snacks For Your Snack Pantry

November 2, 2011
Thumbnail image for The Best Snacks For Your Snack Pantry

Active kids are just like adults. We get hungry in between meals and need something to nibble on. When we get the urge to snack, we want something to satisfy the need for food right away and often grab for the food items that are within immediate reach and need no preparation. Snacks like candy, [...]

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When Real Questions Replace the Automatic ‘Why?’

October 31, 2011

Single moms know that once their child reaches school age they tend to start to grow up quickly. Along with the pride mom feels that her child is finally maturing, she has to remember that his thought process and even sense of humor are maturing, also. It’s hard to do when the result seem to [...]

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