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by Patrice on February 22, 2011 · 2 comments

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Memorizing the multiplication tables is boring for a child unless they have a fascination with math. But the memorization must be done in order for the child to move on to learn the math skills that will be needed in life. Luckily, the single mom can turn to the computer and find educational games that will teach her kids the multiplication table without the kids even knowing that they’re learning.

There are a lot of free math game sites on the web. Because the games are free, many of the sites have sponsored ads on them. Mom should explore the sites before bookmarking them for her children to make sure that the ad content is appropriate. ( ) offers free interactive games to help the child turn the tedious task of memorization into a fun challenge. Rhyming, music and fun games help the child with the multiplication tables with the challenge of beating the computer to the goal. The site has advertisements, but the site developer has applied filters to keep the site appropriate for kids. is a part of the School Sites Network. It was created by a Technology Support Specialist who first developed games for her own students. When she realized how popular they were as a learning tool, she made the decision to share her games. ( ) not only offers games to help the child develop their math skills, but games based on science, social studies and language arts.

Helping ( ) offers free math games and resources that are easy to use. The single mom can even print out resources like flash cards and worksheets so that she can see for herself how proficient her child is. has a great layout that allows mom to choose the games and resources according to math subject or grade level of each child.

Before giving the child internet access to learn multiplication by playing math games, be sure to explore the site. Speak to the child about internet safety in a way that is appropriate to their level of maturity. Make sure the filters on the home computer are set to a level that will reduce the possibility of inappropriate ad content.

Even though the interactive multiplication games can be a wonderful tool that helps your child learn on their own by having fun, children using the internet need adult supervision.

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Lorna February 24, 2011 at 1:02 am

I like a lot because my child enjoys solving it. Its interactive way of teaching children is really helpful because it makes my child focused and he learns easily in multiplication.


Savannah March 1, 2011 at 10:02 am

These kinds of online games can be great for learning. Try looking into educational computer games as well if your child responds well to this sort of learning.


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