Medical Costs for the Family Pet

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Healthcare is expensive. There is a wide debate going on in the country about the best ways to go about making sure that people can receive affordable medical care for themselves and their families when it is needed. Even families with employer provided medical care insurance often struggle to meet the premium cost and the deductible and co payments required. Have you given a thought to how to pay for healthcare needs of your pet?

As we make our plans to bring a pet into the family, we often forget that it will depend on us to provide medical attention when needed. As we determine whether or not we can afford a pet, we budget for food, pet treats, grooming, vaccinations, spaying or neutering and routine yearly checkups. Few of us ever take into consideration that our new companion will become ill or need emergency surgery, just like any other member of the family.

The American Pet Products Association surveys pet owners in the US and found that pet dogs average three vet visits a year while cats were brought in an average of 2.4 times.

A staggering 12.2 billion dollars is expected to be paid out this year as pet owner seek out veterinary services to keep their animal friends happy. Of course, this number includes horses that can be quite expensive if they need medical attention. But even pet birds can run up a surgical bill of several hundred dollars. The average feline surgery cost about $410 in 2010.

It’s estimated that pet owners will spend an average of about $11,000 on pet needs during its lifetime. A single mom who is contemplating adopting a pet has to do some serious thinking about the financial responsibility she is adding to the family needs.

It’s hard to put a financial value on a pet. They give love, loyalty and companionship. A pet can also relieve stress. Even a fish in a bowl has a calming effect on the person who takes the time to watch it swim.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Before bringing a pet into the home, make sure that you are willing to take on the commitment of not only day to day care, but for unexpected emergencies.

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