Indoor Air Quality – What You Can Do to Improve It

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Air Quality In Your Home

One of the best home improvement tasks you can undertake to promote the health of your family is taking steps to improve indoor air quality. While some products designed for this purpose may be out of the single mom budget, you can make some small changes to make big improvements on your family’s health.

The best thing you can do for the air quality in your home is opening your windows and doors whenever possible to let in fresh air. Even just a few hours a day makes a huge difference. Of course, there are times when the weather simply does not allow this, but if it does, let the fresh air in.

Whether or not you can open up your home, you can change your furnace or AC-unit filter to one that better fights pollutants. These gather dust, mold spores, and other pollutants to keep them from mixing with your home’s air. If you let them get too dirty, you lose some of the efficiency of your unit. Choose filters with a MERV rating of 11 or higher to improve air quality. They will be more expensive, but they will make a big difference by trapping more pollutants.

You may think that installing an air purifier is out of your budget, but you might be surprised. Small, room-sized purifiers are quite affordable. Whole-house purifiers are going to require professional installation and a lot of money, but simply running a small one in each room of your home a few hours a day makes a huge difference to the health quality of the air inside your home.

If indoor air quality is a very serious problem for your family, consider setting aside some money to hire someone to install a U/V light in your HVAC system. The installation is expensive and not really a DIY project, but once it is in place all you have to worry about is changing the bulb form time to time. These lights burn so hot that they destroy bacteria and other pollutants in the air that passes underneath them. This is particularly valuable if you battle mold in your home.

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