Young kids can find it hard to deal with situations where they feel like things are not fair. And when in a classroom setting, the appearance of one child getting special treatment and being allowed to have things others are not can be especially difficult not only from a fairness standpoint but from an empathetic one as well. But one elementary school teacher has figured out how to keep her kids from feeling slighted, by teaching them about "fairness" through a lesson with Band-Aids.

According to In The Know, elementary school teacher, Aimee, recently posted a video that has since gone viral with oner 4.5 million views, to her TikTok account that is making parents sit back and take notice.

The TikTok star, who goes by the name @aimeesedventures, has had her share of students who need a little extra TLC to be successful in completing third grade. Because of this, Aimee says in the video that she starts off each school year with a "lesson in fairness" to help her elementary school students comprehend the concept in a way they may have never thought of before.

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To begin the lesson, Aimee says that she asks all of her students to "raise their hands if they've ever scraped their elbow." Not surprisingly, according to the teacher, "they all raise their hands."

The TikToker says that she asks one student to "tell the story of how they hurt their elbow." The student does and Aimee puts a Band-Aid on their elbow.

Next, Aimee asks her students who has ever "bumped their head." Of course, "more hands go up" and one child tells the story of what happened that caused the bump on the head.

The extraordinary teacher tells the student she is "so sorry you hurt your head" and she then places a Band-Aid on the storyteller's elbow.

"The kids are a little bit confused at this point," Aimee says.

Tales of injuries past happen one more time as Aimee asks the kids if anyone has "ever scraped their knee." The hands get raised, the same process happens and the instructor says she is "so sorry you scraped your knee." She then placed a Band-Aid on the elbow.

With the kids being utterly confused with what is going on, Aimee stops the storytelling to teach a lesson of fairness.

She says she explains to the students that "even though I gave everyone the exact same thing, in the exact same way, it wasn’t helpful to them."

Aimee ends the lesson by saying " 'Fair' doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing. ‘Fair’ means everyone gets what they need to be successful."

When kids have this lesson, according to Aimee, they are "much more understanding when their friends with diabetes need an extra snack when their friends with autism need noise-canceling headphones when their friends with ADHD need a fidget spinner and they can’t have one."

The brilliant teacher concludes her video by saying that the Band-Aid lesson "helps with everything."

According to Fox News, the third-grade teacher implemented this lesson as a result of parents coming to her at the beginning of the school year with their "concerns about their children." And just like she explained in her TikTok video, "the list is endless."

From kids who have test-taking anxiety and need a few extra minutes to complete the test to those who have blood sugar monitors, kids with ADHD who need "flexible seating" or even those who have forms of autism, many parents are worried that their kids are going to be "teased" because they are different from the other kids, according to the publication.

Since implementing the Band-Aid lesson at the beginning of the year, kids have become more accepting of their classmates' differences. But the best part is when they say, "That's not fair" upon seeing their classmates get something they do not, according to Aimee and Fox News, all they need is a quick reminder about the fairness lesson learned at the beginning of the year and that feeling of jealously for what the other child has in the classroom that they do not quickly subside.

Source: In The Know, Fox News, TikTok: @aimeesedventures