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What To Do With Your 3-Year-Old All Day Long

A 3-year-old's day calls for plenty of time to play, practice new skills, and connect with their family.

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12 Easy Activities To Nourish Your Preschooler’s Cognitive Development

These easy activities will foster your preschool child's cognitive development through play and interactions.

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Why Mom Might Be A Different Parent To Each Child

Children have different needs, so it may not be a bad thing if moms parent them in different ways, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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How To Deal When Mom Feels Like She Is Spreading Herself Thin

Moms can find ways to carve self-care into their schedules when they feel exhausted with the various responsibilities of motherhood.

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Why Children Need Adult Interaction

When children spend time with adults they are learning language, communication, and social-emotional skills.

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Modify Your Expectations About Child-Raising According To Your Child's Temperament

Moms can foster their child's development by understanding and appreciating their unique needs based on temperament.

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Supportive Parenting Explained

Supportive parents say yes to their child when possible but still hold boundaries.

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How Can Moms Tell What Their Parenting Style Is?

If moms want to be more self-aware in their parenting choices, learning their parenting style will be a good place to start.

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Why Most Moms Are Apprehensive Of The Tween Years

Moms may feel anxious about the changes and challenges that come with having a tween, but there's plenty to love about these years too.

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Why Kids & Adults Love Halloween

Halloween offers something fun for people of all ages. Make it a memorable holiday for the whole family with a classic tradition or a new one!

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10 Relatable Movies For Kids With Special Needs

Movies that feature characters with special needs promote acceptance, empathy, and understanding for all.

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12 Exciting Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas For School-Aged Kids

Plan a fun scavenger hunt from this list the next time the kids are stuck in the house.

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10 Phonics Games To Make Reading Fun

You can build your child's confidence with foundational reading skills while playing fun games.

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How To Prepare A Gullible Tween For The Real World

Parents of tweens have to begin preparing their child for the real world as they become more independent.

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Koala Parenting Explained

Koala parenting focuses on creating a close bond between parent and child from birth.

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Helpful Time-Out Tips Kids With Special Needs

Time out can be a helpful behavior tool for children with special needs when used correctly and consistently.

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15 Fun & Easy Social-Emotional Activities

Children develop social-emotional skills for connecting with others and managing feelings while having fun with their family.