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10 Relatable Movies For Kids With Special Needs

Movies that feature characters with special needs promote acceptance, empathy, and understanding for all.

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Helpful Time-Out Tips Kids With Special Needs

Time out can be a helpful behavior tool for children with special needs when used correctly and consistently.

How I Helped My Kids Get Through Their Learning Difficulties

As a mother of four boys, I've come across quite a few different struggles concerning them. Some days it seems if it's not one thing, it's another.

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Parenting Tips For Aiding A Child With Working Memory Issues

Children who struggle with working memory have a hard time keeping one piece of information in the forefront of their mind while doing something else

Supporting The Emotional Needs Of A Child With A Learning Disability

Children who have learning disabilities may also suffer from negative self-image and self-confidence. Here's how to help.

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Managing Periods: Tips For Girls With ADHD

Hormonal imbalance, swelling, cramps, a girl going through it can't, not notice it. For girls also dealing with ADHD it can be especially difficult

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Empowering The Child Who Learns Differently

When children learn in ways that are outside the realm of typical, it can cause them trouble in school and lead to a diagnosis.

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Therapy With Dogs May Not Be Helpful For Children With Autism

Some children with autism did enjoy interacting with therapy dogs, but they are not preferred among children.

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Air Pollution May Be Hospitalizing More Autistic Children

A new study showed that exposure to air pollution may worsen “autism-related” hospital admissions in children.

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How To Explain Your Child’s ADHD To Older-Generation Family Members

Explaining ADHD to older people can be hard. But there are tips out there for parents who have to do it.

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Why Your ADHD Child Has Angry Outbursts (& How To Remain Calm)

Reasons why kids with ADHD have angry outbursts may vary. But if parents can remain calm when they happen, it makes all the difference in the world.

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10 Sensory Red Flags Many Parents Miss

Some signs that a child has a sensory processing issue are rather obvious. But many of them are easy for parents to overlook.

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10 Things Not To Say To A Mother Of A Child With Special Needs

Moms of special needs children are a different kind of, "mama bear."

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Co-Parenting Tips For Moms With Special Needs Kids

Parents of special needs children have challenges and struggles that they have to face, and this can sometimes be too much for a couple to manage.

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Parents Trained In At-Home Intervention Can Benefit Autistic Children

These interventions can help autistic children improve their positive behaviors and their language communication skills.

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Uplifting A High Schooler Who's Ashamed Of Their Learning Disability

Teens do not want to be different. As such, finding ways to help them feel "normal" will go a long way in making them feel better.

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10 Tips To Help Mom's Potty Train Their Child With Autism

These days, many parents aren't sure when to start "potty training." For parents of children with autism, it can be an even harder decision.

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Why A Sensory Diet Is Good For All Kids, Not Just Those With Special Needs

Sensory diets have a wide range of activities. These activities are geared to target the eight sensory systems.

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Half Of Moms Of Autistic Children Are Depressed

About 50% of mothers with children who had autism spectrum disorder had elevated levels of depression symptoms over a span of 18 months.