Alex Morgan, an American soccer player and mom, has earned respect on the soccer field due to her deeds and exemplary behavior. She is widely popular for kicking past defenders and making it look like child's play. But apart from that, the first-time mom is a champion even when she is not in her soccer shoes.

Alex has a natural talent, and her prowess on the field was visible from an early age. She started showing her skills on the field with her father as her first coach. Shortly after, she played for her school, impressing the masses with her talent.

Seeing her mettle at a young age, she got a call from the US Under-20 Women's National Team at the age of 17. While she played for her country, she even managed her academics. She juggled between multiple aspects of her life, just as good as she juggled with a ball on the field. And it's eminent that her dedication and efforts have paid off. But that's not all about this soccer sensation. Here are some elements of Alex's personality that make her a great role model for your child.

She is a Fighter

When she was called to the US Under-20 Women's National Team during the start of her career, the team played against the men's national team. Alex started with her sprinting skills in her first match. However, she suffered a ligament injury (ACL) during the game.

The injury refrained her from returning until April 2018. Most people would have been shattered with such a blow. Yet this did not break Alex's self-confidence and belief. She fought through the tough time and emerged victorious, not letting the turmoil affect her.

She Challenged the Conventional Playing Style

From an early age, Alex Morgan observed how women in sports were expected to play in a certain manner. However, she was conditioned so that she did not accept the norm and chose to challenge it. She believed that there should be no difference in how an individual of a particular gender shall play the game.

She not only believed so but with her gameplay, she even proved that what a boy can do, a woman can do too. Alex challenged and shattered the 'playing like a girl' stereotype in soccer, and sports, in general. Her fierceness inspired her teammates and athletes across the world. It inspired them not to follow the stereotype and play the game how they pleased and not how they were expected to play it.

She is a Seeker of Justice

After lifting the 2015 women's soccer World Cup alongside her team, Alex decided to use the platform to seek professional athletes' rights. It was observed that female soccer players, in comparison to male players, were not paid equally when representing their country. Plus, the accommodation and travel facilities and even the men's national team's playing conditions were superior to that of the women's national team.

With a campaign named #EqualPlayEqualPay on social media, Alex and her teammates raised voice against the US Soccer Federation's injustice towards female athletes. She quoted that it was her duty as a professional athlete to point fingers against the wrongdoings and that girls in sports, worldwide, deserve the same amount of respect as boys in sports.

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She is More Than an Athlete

Alex indeed demonstrates fabulous skills in the field. Leaving audiences and opponents awestruck, but that not the extent of it. The woman is much more than that. She is what you could describe as a compulsive bookworm and in the most literal sense.

Not only does she like keeping her bookshelf up to date, but she has also penned four books. The books that she has authored revolve around the themes of friendship, leadership, and sports. The books have done immensely well, featuring in the New York Times bestseller's list. Alex's motive behind publishing these books was to inspire young girls to chase their dreams, and it would be safe to say that she has succeeded.

She Did Not Compromise Her Academics

With her name spreading like wildfire across the nation's soccer community, Morgan certainly did not need a resume with a college degree to prove her value and skills. Despite this, Alex stayed firm on her decision to graduate.

It sure became tough for her to manage University, training, and recovery. None of these had a negative impact on the soccer star. She only saw them as a challenge and gave it her best shot. As a result of which, she became a better player on the field while playing with the California Golden Bears, plus, she even graduated successfully from UC Berkeley with all the necessary credits.

Right from her entry into the sport professionally, Alex has never failed to captivate viewers' attention. This surely implies to the attention that she attracts with her game, but also with her deeds outside the ground. With consistent hard work and self-belief, Alex has carved her spot among the world's top female athletes today. In her journey, she has inspired numerous athletes, girls and boys, worldwide to pursue and achieve their dream. From following her books, game, story, and dedication, your child will only become more disciplined and dedicated to their craft. But more than anything, they will become independent individuals who dare to believe and are not afraid to speak up for their rights.

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