Being a tween is one of the hardest age groups for girls. It is during this time that many go through an awkward stage, can fall victim to peer pressure, social media pressure, and feel completely isolated if they do not conform to what is considered "cool" and popular by those in their social groups. It is also during this age that many begin to have decreased self-esteem and confidence in themselves, making it even harder to navigate this period in their lives. But because tween girls are not always willing to share their feelings, parents may want to arm themselves with self-esteem books every tween girl should read for their girls to reference when they need a little pick me up from living the crazy life of a tween.

Becoming a tween girl means less communication with parents about life in general. Because of this, without what tweens see as badgering from their parents, there likely is not much sharing going on about what their inner-most thoughts are. As such, it may be helpful for tween girls to reference books that discuss what they are potentially going through to gain perspective on life as they currently know it. And while reading does not take the place of parental support, books can be a starting point of conversation for families to help tween girls open up and discuss what it is that they are feeling.

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Here are some self-esteem books every tween girl should read.

6 Girl Stuff For Girls Aged 8-12 By Kaz Cooke

Many times, tween girls do not know how to approach their parents to talk about things such as puberty, friendships changing, or self-esteem being lowered. Girl Stuff For Girls Aged 8-12 is a book that shows tween girls that they are not alone in their feelings while serving as a reference guide for specific topics at the same time.

Because 75 percent of girls who suffer from low self-esteem are more likely to participate in things such as bullying, drinking, cutting, and more, according to, the more opportunities that tween girls have to boost their self-esteem, the healthier they are. As such, books on self-esteem are a great place to start to create strong mental health for young girls.

5 Dear Girl By Amy Krause Rosenthal And Paris Rosenthal

For those on the younger end of the tween spectrum, Dear Girl reminds tweens just how special they are when they are unique and do not worry about what others think about them. Something that can be hard for tween girls to do with peer pressure constantly swirling around them.

The authors encourage girls to be their "wonderful, smart, beautiful" selves at all times and to love who they are, no matter what.

4 The Gutsy Girl By Caroline Paul

When tween girls lose self-esteem, they are less likely to be adventurous and try new things, according to VeryWell Health. But by gaining that self-esteem back, the world becomes tween girls' oysters and new experiences can be had at every corner.

The Gutsy Girl not only shares insight from the author about how she used to have low self-esteem but also about how she overcame those feelings to engage in activities that were life-changing and soul-fulfilling. Paul shares how she overcame her self-esteem issues and has activities that tween girls can participate in to help build up their own.

3 The Body Image Book For Girls: Love Yourself And Grow Up Fearless By Charlotte Markey

For some tween girls, their body image is directly correlated with their self-esteem. When this happens, according to Better Health Channel, things such as eating disorders, overexercising, and restrictive dieting can occur. And when left untreated, these behaviors could last for a lifetime.

Markey's goal is to help tween girls navigate through social media pressures, why dieting is bad, and so many more topics in her book. It truly is a guide not only for tweens but to hold onto for the teenage years as well.

2 Use Your Girl Power: Nothing Can Hold You Back By Ashley Rice

Why girls suddenly go from having oodles of confidence to losing their self-esteem has a lot to do with puberty, according to With changing bodies and the way they see the world, tween girls become very critical of themselves.

To help tweens not feel awkward or unimportant, Rice uses examples to get girls to live up to their potential. She shows how girls can uncover talents they never knew they had and by doing this, gain confidence in the process. The goal is to get the focus off of the physical package and to focus on what makes each girl special instead.

1 The Confidence Code For Girls By Katty Kay And Claire Shipman

Being one's authentic self is hard to do when a tween girl. But if Kay and Shipman have anything to do about it, that is what they hope tween girls will be after reading their book.

Through proven "research" and "science," according to the book, the authors help tween girls to have tools in their toolboxes to be able to handle almost any social situations. In doing so, confidence is gained and self-esteem is raised. And when this happens, girls are more apt to try new things, caring more about the experience gained and less about what people think about them in the process.

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