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Trying To Manage Everyone's Needs & Your Own? Here Are Some Tips For Overwhelmed Mamas

It's only a matter of time before a mother feels overwhelmed from the stress of a family sitting on her shoulders. It is constant.

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How To Help Yourself When You're The Default Parent

The mental load of the default parent can be very overwhelming. Default parents can end up feeling an enormous amount of pressure and even guilt

10 After-School (No Screen) Activities For The Tween Who Loves To Be Neat

Tweens are very capable. They can do a lot more than when they were in their toddler years.

Catchy Clean-Up Songs For Preschoolers

Clean-up songs can motivate kids to tidy up their mess without their mom losing her mind.

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10 Sandwiches Tweens Can Make On Their Own For Lunch

There is no need for tweens to rely on PB&J for lunch. There are plenty of better options for sandwiches that they can make themselves.

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How To Keep The Family Bathroom Clean In 10 Minutes A Day

By keeping on top of tiny messes, cleaning the bathroom does not have to be a huge chore.

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Why Parents Tend To Give Their Oldest More Responsibilities

Oldest siblings are given responsibilities at an early age. And the responsibilities continue to mount the more they prove they are able to do them.

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How To Divide Responsibilities Between Siblings So Your Oldest Catches A Break

Being the oldest comes with having more responsibilities than younger siblings. But older siblings need a respite from this every once in a while.

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Here's Proof That If Hubby Did Chores, You'd Be More "In The Mood"

If men want to be more desired, they simply need to pull their domestic weight.

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Why Your Special Needs Child Needs Chores

Yes, your child with special needs can and should do chores. Depending on the diagnosis will depend on which chores, but they need to be involved

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Your Child's Happiness May Depend On The Number Of Chores They Have

By doing chores, kids are not only successful when they are young but when they are adults as well.

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How To Get Teens More Involved In Chores

Getting teens involved in chores is no easy feat. This is not a new concept in parenting; there are just more distractions these days.

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10 Basic Household Rules Both Parents Usually Agree On

Household rules can be a struggle, and often it can end up with parents forgetting about the reason it started and just arguing with each other.