Twin moms tend to go one way or the other when it comes to dressing their twins. Dress them alike or don't. However, when it comes to Halloween costumes, how fun would it be to be a twin? There are so many fun ideas to pick from for dashing duos!

Now, according to Keith Reed, chief executive of the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba), it is important for parents to help multiple-birth children develop their own identities. But most twin moms cannot get over the cuteness of their twins in coordinating costumes for Halloween.

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Easy and twins don't often get seen in the same sentence, but for the costumes listed below, that's exactly what it is. Twin mom life can be all-consuming. Yes, double the love, but different in so many ways than a singleton and, "Irish twins" (children born close together in age). Hopefully, this will help.

10 Double Stuffed Oreo Costume

This costume is so cute and easy. Moms can forgo the stroller and be part of the costume too, or have their twins walk if they are able. What's nice is that this isn't a huge investment in something they will never wear again. Of course, moms can make this as detailed or fancy as they want.

For starters, each twin needs a white shirt. You will need some black poster board or cardboard, white paint (marker), yarn, and this Oreo Template. The size circle you will need is all dependent on your twins, but you can find more detailed instructions at Legal Lee Blonde.

9 Salt & Pepper

Evergreen School Halloween costumes
Credit: Pinterest

Always Katie has an excellent tutorial for this if you are dressing infant twins. This can be done for any age of twins, though. A black outfit and a white outfit are your basics. From there, moms can be as crafty as they have time. Plus, with cool October weather, this costume idea can be made snuggly warm.

Another idea, if mom is super crafty, would be to step this up a notch and do sugar and spice. People often think twins do everything alike, but a lot of times, the sugar and spice, sweet and sassy, if you will, applies.

8 The Parent Trap

Whether you have seen the 1961 version with Sharon and Susan or the 1998 version with Annie and Hallie, if you have twin girls, this is about as easy, and funny as it gets. The movie itself is based on two teenage girls who are actually twins.

Separated at birth, these girls have no idea the other exists. That is, until a twist of fate places them at the same summer camp together. Each of them carries a ripped photo of the parent they never met, and when they find one another, the ripped edges fit perfectly. All you need for this is matching outfits and a torn picture. Find out more at The Chirping Moms.

7 Coke Or Pepsi?

The great debate! Coke or Pepsi? Such a cute duo idea! This could also be done with Coke and Diet Coke, or whatever your preference, but everyone recognizes the Coke and Pepsi war. And of course, this one is easy too! The House That Lars Built has a great sample of Coca-Cola with a tutorial. For Pepsi, you need all the same things, but in blue with a Pepsi logo iron on a patch or vinyl.

6 Almond Joys Have Nuts, Mounds Don't


For moms with boy/girl twins who want to make people laugh, this candy bar set should do it. There is a tutorial for outfits in the picture at Costume Works. However, this could be done in a few different ways to make it easier.

5 Men In Black

men in black

Moms can easily recreate the iconic movie look with all-black suits, ties, and sunglasses. If there is no time for suits, or suits aren't available, a black zip-up hoodie with sweatpants will do. Just put a white tee under it and a tie on. This is great because it will be warmer for twins, and can be done for either gender. For more details, check out Choose to thrive.

4 Cuties

sibilngs in Halloween shirts
Credit: Shutterstock

Since twins are so cute, dressing them up as cuties works. They can have orange shirts or full-on orange outfits. Even throwing in orange hats would be cute. Moms can get crafty with however they choose to put cuties on the shirts.

Plus, the color orange is really easy to find this time of year, so even if it's last minute, moms shouldn't have to search too hard.

3 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

This costume idea is perfect for the Disney moms out there. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are from Alice in Wonderland, the original. You can find a tutorial for this one at The Cheese Thief. The hats are the only semi-difficult part of this costume.

2 Twinkies


Twins, twinkies, they just go together. This could be made as easy or as hard as mom has time for. The simple (yet so cute) version shown in the photo, is from Dads Guide To Twins. For a little more detailed costume tutorial, you can find that at Full of Fortunes.

1 Each Other


Saving the best for last. The absolute easiest twin costume is to dress them as each other. Of course, this won't work if they always dress alike, but if they have anything that is different, that would work. This is super cute for boy/girl twins, and when you have twins who are polar opposite. It really throws people off.

In the end, no matter what may be decided on for Halloween costumes, moms should try not to stress over it. Halloween is fun, and memories will be made no matter what. Taking it easy and going with the flow might help in that.

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