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How Teachers Can Support Kids' Mental Health This 2022-2023 School Year

This school year comes after two and a half years of a pandemic, where both kids and teachers lives were disrupted by bouts of remote schooling

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What Children Need To Experience A Happy Childhood

Parents want the best for their children and their happiness means everything to them.

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How Socioeconomic Status Affects Parenting & Child Development

Socioeconomic Status can refer to education, and to what level one can achieve goals, employment, or job prestige.

Kids Time out 1
Tips For Preschoolers To Sit Still During Time-Out

Times-outs are still one of the most highly recommended forms of discipline. [Not punishment]

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10 Halloween Party Games For Kids

Whether it's a Halloween party for kids at home, or a classroom Halloween party, look no further.

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10 Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Born Near Halloween (That Aren't Holiday-Themed)

If you have a child born on or near Halloween, you might be wondering how you can throw a birthday party that's not spooky, creepy, or scary.

What To Do On A Fall Nature Hike With Children 10 & Under 1
What To Do On A Fall Nature Hike With Children 10 & Under

Children who spend more time in nature have better emotional well-being, they are able to focus more, and it can improve their learning abilities.

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10 Non-Competitive Sports For Kids Under 10

For some kids, the pressure of competitive sports is just too much, and they don't really enjoy it.

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10 Calming Activities For An Angry Preschooler

There are a few things angry preschoolers can do to calm down when they are feeling angry.

Mom Happy With Son 1
Phenomenal Facts About The Bond Between A Mother & Son

The relationship between any child and their mother is so special and so important. However, with a son, things are a bit different.

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11 Sibling-Fun Ideas For The Month Of October

Children have better relationships when they share activities that they both enjoy. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher those activities...

twins as peppers for Halloween 1
10 Cute & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Easy and twins don't often get seen in the same sentence, but for the costumes listed below, that's exactly what it is.

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If You've Failed At Preventing A Tantrum Try This

Preventing tantrums can be difficult to do. Especially when parents feel like they have tried everything.

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10 Activities Your Preschooler Should Do Every Day

Preschoolers often soak up lots of information every day. Here are some things they should do daily that can help them learn and develop skills.

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10 Tips To Help Mom's Potty Train Their Child With Autism

These days, many parents aren't sure when to start "potty training." For parents of children with autism, it can be an even harder decision.

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10 Examples Of "Murphy's Law" In Motherhood

Motherhood is no stranger to Murphy's Law; as most moms can attest to. In fact, motherhood might just be the backbone of Murphy's Law.

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Why A Sensory Diet Is Good For All Kids, Not Just Those With Special Needs

Sensory diets have a wide range of activities. These activities are geared to target the eight sensory systems.

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Teaching Your Child To Be Assertive Using Color

Assertiveness can help children to feel more in control, maneuver more smoothly through adolescent challenges, and adapt in social situations.

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Who Needs You More, Your Toddler Or Your Teen?

Parents may not ever come to an agreement on which age is hardest, breaking it down into age groups might help, specifically, toddlers versus teens.

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How A Child's Immune System Is "Taught" To Decipher Good From Bad

The immune system is constantly changing through childhood, to become as strong as it can be.

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