Sesame Workshop is introducing a new series of workshops and resources for parents on wide range of topics for help parent their children.

Sesame Street has always helped children and their parents. This year has forced children to learn a lot of new skills and to adapt to a completely new way of learning. They have had to go without seeing the ones they love, they have had to adapt to virtual schooling, and they have had to worry about things that children should not have to worry about.

It seems that whenever a new crisis arises, Sesame Street has been there to help talk to children. Mom and dad are doing their best to get their children through this holiday season, but sometimes they need the help of a muppet or two.

Sesame Workshop posted an official tweet that introduced a new series of workshops and resources that parents can use to talk to their children about a multitude of things. Sesame Street stated in the tweet that this has come at a great time, because children right now are trying to find their way through a lot of emotions caused by the upcoming holiday season.

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They stated that the new resources are in partnership with Viatris Inc., and the aim is to support the social and emotional needs of families during this pandemic. The resources have been made accessible; they are available in four different languages. The official website with all of the new resources can be found here.

These tools are designed to help children work through “big emotions” and to help families find different ways they can celebrate together while being apart. Their newest addition is a workshop called “Staying Connected,” and it addresses the concerns around not being able to be with your family this time of year, something that children are find hard to understand.

The series says that it will help offer some strategies for children and their parents. It helps with maintaining a strong relationship with loved ones even though they cannot be around them right now. It also has activities that mom and dad can print and do to bring some joy.

It also includes a short video, featuring Grover, that mom and her kids can watch together and then discuss how they feel about it. These resources are perfect for mom and dad who know that they need to address these concerns with their children, but they are not exactly sure where to start. With Sesame Street, you know that you can never go wrong.

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Sources: Sesame Street Communities, Twitter via @SesameWorkshop