It is no surprise that families come in all shapes and sizes, and there are rarely two that look exactly alike. The world has become more inviting and inclusive, and this means that families are starting to feel more confident and comfortable being just who they are.

However, this also means that people are curious. As different families become more prominent, it can lead people to be curious about how dynamics work, and this type of education is not bad. Education and awareness of differences is how the world grows even more accepting and understanding.

There are parents out there who identify as non-binary, and this leads to one big question for a lot of people in the world, and that is what do their kids call them? The world is used to titles like “mom” and “dad,” but do those apply to non-binary parents? If they don’t, what do their children call them?

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Refresher: Non-Binary

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It is important that we have refreshers on the world, and issues that are being faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community, and that we take a look at what non-binary means. According to Transequality, non-binary means that a person does not identify as a set gender.

A lot of members of the LGBTQ+ still have some identity as either female or male, but a lot do not identify as either. This is the idea that gender is fluid, and that there are groups of people in the world who don’t feel like they fit in either category, and they choose not to label themselves. A non-binary parent would not identify as a male or female, so this is where some are confused about how their parents address them.

It’s Not Easy

It is important to recognize that it is not easy to decide what your child will call you. According to Very Well Family, non-binary parents have to find their place in the parenting world, and this means figuring out who they are as a parent, and what their title is. What a lot of non-binary parents do is let their children choose. When their child is old enough to start calling them something, they let them take the lead.

Some decide to have fun with words, like one mom who goes with “pare,” because it is a short form of the name parent. Some look to their heritage and culture, and they can find some unique parenting names there.

Input From Real Non-Binary Parents

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What can be really helpful is talking to real non-binary parents about what their children call them, and the internet is full of information and input. According to Reddit, a post was made asking non-binary parents what their children call them, and the community came out to share their stories.

Some stated that they have their children call them by their names. That they have decided not to go with any variation of “mom” or “dad,” and just stick to their given name. This may not be comfortable for a lot of other parents, but it works for some. Others came up with their own nicknames, like Mimi, Didi, or even Papi. The answer seems to be, whatever they feel comfortable being called, and it is likely to be different for each family.

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