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10 Things To Give Up For The Sake Of Your Marriage

Compromise and sacrifice will save and strengthen many marriages.

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Normalize Divorce For The Children (They’ll Thank You)

A couple staying in a marriage that is not working can do more harm to a child’s well-being than divorce.

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I Knew My Husband Was The One When He Genuinely Told Me He'd Be There

I knew my husband was the one the night I found out I was pregnant. I'm sure this sounds weird to many of you

10 Things Stay At Home Moms Want Their Husband's To Know 1
10 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want Their Husband's To Know

While they may love being home with their children and providing for the home, they have things that they wish people would know.

Is It Better To Think Exactly Like Your Husband Or Worse? Science Has An Answer

This new study was able to take a look at marital success and see if it could be tied to the synchronization of a couple’s brain waves.

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What A Stepmom Wishes Her Husband Understood

We are going to go through some common things that stepmothers want their husbands to know, and they can be great starting points for some healing.

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Intimacy Is Much More Than Sex (& It's Key To A Happy Marriage)

When couples learn to engage in open and honest communication with each other, they gain a closeness that helps to strengthen their relationship

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Testosterone Actually Prompts Men To Cuddle More

Instead of just getting a bad rap for aggression, testosterone may be responsible for men being more affectionate toward their partners as well.

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Your Partner May Influence Your Climate Change Views

While none of the partners had opposite views on the environment, some were quite a bit more concerned than others.