As A Mom, I Really Hope My Child Never Gets A Participation Trophy 1
Pros & Cons Of Participation Trophies

Participation trophies can benefit or hinder the point of winning. Here's more on the topic.

toddler math 1
10 Simple & Subtle Ways To Teach Math To Toddlers

Math doesn't have to be difficult. Toddlers and preschoolers can learn math by doing these simple activities.

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Why Is Teaching In Physical Health Failing? We May Know

Phys Ed isn't developing as needed for children. Here's why.

teens 1
Clues Your Teen Has Found Their Career Path

How to know when your teen has found their true calling.

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How Phonological Awareness Can Determine A Child's Ability To Read

Phonological awareness is a determining factor in a child's ability to read. Here's how you can practice this skill at home.

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How To Know If Your Child’s Preschool Is Meeting Their Needs

Choosing a preschool can be stressful. But by doing due diligence and seeing that kids are comfortable means a good choice has been made.

Parents Believe Their Child's Toys Are Their Best Teachers

Parents think that their children's toys are their best teachers, and perhaps toy companies can do more to encourage learning.

Tips For Helping Children Improve Their Handwriting

If your child needs extra help with improving their handwriting skills, we've got a few tips for you.

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10 Phonics Games To Make Reading Fun

You can build your child's confidence with foundational reading skills while playing fun games.

Parenting Styles: Concerted Cultivation & The Accomplishment Of Natural Growth

Parenting styles differ among middle class, working class, and lower class parents. Ultimately, it shapes a child's future.

With These Tips Homework Can Be Easier & Done Faster

Coming home to spend time on homework can be frustrating for parents and children. Here are a few tips to ease that responsibility.

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Thinking About Thinking Will Benefit Kids, Here’s How

When kids use metacognition, positive changes can be seen almost immediately.

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Empowering The Child Who Learns Differently

When children learn in ways that are outside the realm of typical, it can cause them trouble in school and lead to a diagnosis.

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Tips For Helping Your Child With ADHD Drive Safely

The thought of a teenager driving is pretty nerve-wracking as it is, adding in ADHD might make parents even more nervous

Children Seem To Have A Special Skill That Prevents Them From Falling Into This "Learning Trap"

There is a “learning trap” that a lot of adults fall into, but this does not seem to impact children.

Increasing School Security Leads To Lower Grades In Kids

Students often felt more like “suspects” than “students,” and it made it hard for them to concentrate on their work.

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Preparing Kids To Pass Tests When Distraction & Anxiety Overcome Them

For those suffering from test anxiety, there are ways to combat the anxiety to be able to successfully pass exams.

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Youths In Child Welfare System Lack Access & Education On Birth Control

Only about one-third of youth in the 8th and 9th grades involved in the system have received information on birth control.

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Kids Who Start Kindergarten A Year Later May Benefit In Several Ways, Here’s How

For some children, redshirting in kindergarten can be very beneficial.

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Planning For College Starts Freshman Year Of High School

While applications cannot be filled out until senior year, there is a lot of pre-college planning that can be done as soon as high school begins.