Toddlers are in such a great stage of development, and they are often seen as sponges, and that is because they soak up everything around them. They are eager to learn about the world, and how it works, and they rely on their parents to teach them.

Parents may want to take advantage of this eagerness to learn and try and start the learning process, and they always want to start with the fundamentals. They want to teach them how to read, how to write, and how to do math. These are all the foundations of learning, but some may find it challenging.

Parents may realize that they are not teachers, and despite wanting to teach their toddlers, they have no idea where to start. They want to make sure that they are not doing anything that is not too challenging while making sure their toddler is still learning. We have found 10 very simple (and subtle) ways a mom can teach their toddler math, or at least get them on the right track.

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10 A Change In Language

child doing shapes puzzle
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Sometimes, teaching can be something as simple as just being more mindful of what we are saying. According to Your Cooper on Instagram, when we talk to our toddlers, we may just need to make sure that we are pointing out differences in sizes. We can talk about how some things are bigger than others, or shorter.

9 Also About Spatial

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When we are talking about size, we should also talk about location. We need to use more spatial language when we are talking, and we can notice how some things are under others, or what is in front and behind. These are very subtle ways to teach our toddlers about math.

8 Counting

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Counting is something that is very basic, but it is incredibly important. Count everything with your toddler. If you are in a store, and you see a row of cans, count how many there are with your toddler. Get them to use their fingers to count, and then count them backwards. This is a great way to teach them math and to keep them entertained in the grocery store.

7 Shapes

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Shapes are also really important, and they have their place in math even though they don’t seem like they belong. Going over shapes can be complicated, with the use of flashcards, but there are shapes all around us. According to UNICEF, you can point out the different shapes you see in your home, and when your toddler gets a bit better, you can ask them to bring you something that is a square, circle, or another shape.

6 Sorting

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The best way to teach toddlers is through play. That is how they learn best, and they don’t even realize they are taking in some important skills. Sorting has its place in math, and it is a great foundation, and there are a lot of games to be found with sorting. You can even use a bag of old buttons, and sort them by color, shape, or size.

5 Let Them Cook With You

Pregnant woman preparing meal with son from fresh vegetables

While it can seem like a headache to have your toddler help you in the kitchen, it can be a great learning experience. If mom is willing to clean up a bit of a mess, this is a great time to teach them about measurements and counting. Even if it is just preparing a snack, have them count out how many crackers, raisins, or cookies they are allowed to have.

4 Building A Tower

three year old using building blocks
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Just like sorting, stacking is another opportunity to sneak in a math lesson. When you stack objects on top of each other, you are learning about counting, and how things work. You have to guess how tall you can make it before it tumbles down, and this is a great lesson when it comes to math and how to make predictions.

3 Music Time

Preschooler Music Lessons
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Every toddler loves a dance party, and there are a ton of songs out there about numbers, patterns, and counting. This is a great way to have some fun with your toddler and sneak in a math lesson. According to Oxford Owl, songs like ‘10 Green Bottles,’ and ‘1,2, Buckle My Show’ are great starter songs.

2 Read A Book

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Reading is a great way to spend time with a toddler, and if you look hard enough, there are a lot of books out there about counting, numbers, and math. Spend some time each day reading these books with your toddler, and make sure to add your own notes about what you are learning.

1 Use Technology

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While a lot of parents try to limit their child’s screen time, some see it as an opportunity for learning. Screen time may not all be bad as long as it is used in a healthy, and learning way. There are a ton of math games on tablets that can help a toddler learn about math and everything there is to know about numbers.

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