There is always pride in a mother’s heart when she is thinking about her children. She thinks about how far they have come, how much they have grown, and how hard she has worked to get them there. While this is always true for every mother and child, there are certain moments that always stand out.

There are moments when mom takes a step back, looks at her child, and is astounded by something they did. While this is the same for sons and daughters, there is something about the relationship between mother and daughter that is special.

Moms are always proud of their daughters, but there are moments that are special. This could be a big event that happens or just a moment when mom stops to think about how far her child has come. We looked and found 10 real moms who shared the moments they realized that they were incredibly proud of their daughters. These moments may be incredibly relatable and remind all moms to take a second and think about how special their girl is.

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10 Taking Care Of A Bully

girl bullying another girl

Bullies are a problem in schools across the country, and parents are always trying to figure out how to lead their children through some of these problems, but this mom didn’t have to worry. According to Baby Center, one mom said that she was so proud when she heard that her daughter stood up against a bully that was picking on her friend.

9 Mini Mom

kid cleaning floor with mom

One mom spoke about how proud she was of her daughter for acting like her. This meant taking care of her younger siblings and helping out without being asked. This showed the mom that her daughter is kind, empathetic, and wants to help mom and this can hint that she is doing something right.

8 When You’re Grown Up?

toddler growing up

It is common to ask our children what they want to be when they grow up, but sometimes, we are blown away by their answers. According to Moms Choice Awards, one mom asked her daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she responded with “free.” That she wanted to be compassionate and travel the world. This made mom proud because she knows that her daughter just wants to be happy.

7 Let Her Sleep

mom sleeping in bed with little girl

Moms know how precious sleep is, and it turns out this mother’s daughter knows it too. One mom had said that she had not been feeling well, but (like most parents) that doesn’t stop her children from waking her up early. The next Saturday came, and her daughter did not come and wake her like she normally does, and when she went to make sure she was OK, her daughter just said that she wanted to let her mom sleep.

6 A Grown Daughter

We cannot forget that our daughters grow up one day to be adults, and parents of their own. One mom said that she was the proudest of her daughter when she realized that her daughter was an even better mom than she was. It can be a great thing to watch our children grow to have their own families.

5 Important Moment In Life


According to Doctor Anywhere, one mom said that the proudest moment she has of her daughter is when she watched her daughter receive her medical degree. It was at that moment that she realized just how hard her daughter had worked, and how everything that happened in her life had led up to this moment.

4 Remembering Family Time

Mom flexing with two daughters, strong mom

Life gets busy for parents, especially when children start to get older. Everyone has their own thing going on, and it can be hard to have family time. According to Parents, one mom said that the proudest moment in her busy life continues to be when she suggests a family game night, and her daughter comes running to play together.

3 Watching Her Be A Kid

Mom playing dinosaurs with daughter

There is a lot of pressure on children, and this cannot be denied. However, one mom stated that her proudest moments continue to be when she just sits back and watches her daughter just be a kid when she is discovering how to do things on her own, and exploring the world around her.

2 When A Lesson Has Been Learned

Mom with daughter smiling

Mom spends most of her day teaching and guiding her children, and she is never really sure if the messages are really sinking in. However, one mom said that the proudest moment of her daughter was when she could see the lessons sinking in. When she tells her daughter something, she can see them coming to life through her daughter.

1 Girls Can Do It Too

girl power

We are living in a world that is slowly realizing that girls can do anything that boys can do, and one mom said that she is the proudest when her daughter reminds her that there is nothing that she cannot do. It lets her mom know that she is doing something right.

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