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What NOT To Do When Your Daughter Has Her First Period

These things can happen with the best intentions, but it is important to be aware of the harm they can cause. 

10 Moments Moms Of Girls Have Been The Proudest

We looked and found 10 real moms who shared the moments they realized that they were incredibly proud of their daughters.

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Help Daughters Find Their Voices In A World Telling Them To Be Quiet

A how-to guide on supporting your daughter as she finds her voice.

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10 Birthday Party Ideas For A Video Gaming Kid

There are so many video games these days. From preschool to adulthood, if someone likes to game, they can.

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How To Make A DIY Face Mask For A Kids' Spa Night

Kids often appear to have perfectly delicate skin. They can still use skin care though.

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10 Easy Fancy Dress Ideas For Your Little Princess

When trying to find a dress to impress little girls, it really is quite simple to do!

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Why Childhood Sports May Help Kids Succeed In Life

When kids are in sports, especially high school sports, there is a lot of responsibility needed.

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A Teenage Girl's Diet Could Impact Her Menstrual Pain

A teenage girl’s diet could impact her odds of experiencing pain during their menstrual cycle.

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Managing Periods: Tips For Girls With ADHD

Hormonal imbalance, swelling, cramps, a girl going through it can't, not notice it. For girls also dealing with ADHD it can be especially difficult

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How To Properly Pleat Your Daughter's School Skirt

Pleating skirts can be daunting if the technique to do so is not known. Fortunately, it is an easy task to learn how to do.

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Type 1 Diabetes May Be Worse For Girls, What Parents Should Know

Girls with type 1 diabetes may have a worse situation when it comes to blood sugar control, as well as other factors.

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10 Cool Fall Ideas For Girls Who Love Crafting

There are lots of fall themed crafts parents can make with their daughters.

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How To Find Clothes That Aren't Too Young Or Too Old For Your Tween Daughter

It can get tricky, because mom may notice that the clothes on the market are either for little girls or older teenagers.

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10 Simple But Cute Faux Pumpkin Decor Activities For Moms & Daughters

Now that fall is finally here, it's the perfect time for mother/daughter crafting activities, and faux pumpkins are the way to go.

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Working Moms Unknowingly Help Daughters Succeed At Work In The Future

Whether moms work from home or in an office, they are positively impacting their daughters' future in the workforce.

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Girls Who Are Tomboys: Is It Just A Phase Or Is It Who They Are?

The popular phrase tomboy refers to girls who display many characteristics that are mainly attributed to boys.

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Aside From Gender, What Is The Biggest Difference Between Boy Moms & Girl Moms

Moms of boys and moms of girls don't necessarily have major differences; there are definitely a few things that are unique to each though.

Society Needs To Stop Judging Stay-At-Home Moms

Being a SAHM is far from relaxing. I have a strong feeling that if people knew what it was really like, they would be praising women.

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10 Things Your Teen Wants You To Know When They Have An Eating Disorder

When a parent suspects something is off about their child, it can be alarming to find out it is an eating disorder