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What Is Gender Dysphoria & How To Help A Child Suffering With It 1
What Is "Gender Creative" Parenting?

It really is as simple as letting your child express themselves however they see fit. Here's more on Gender Creative Parenting.

An LGBTQ Youth Outside On A Swing 1
LGBTQ+ Youth Faced More Anxiety During Pandemic

The top main concerns for this group seemed to be discrimination, personal struggles with their sexuality, and romantic relationships.

child reading book 1
Children's Museum To Cancel 'Drag Queen Story Time Hour' Due To Threats

A children's museum in Nebraska has been forced to cancel a drag queen story hour event due to violent threats.

A rainbow ont he ground with sidewalk chalk 1
75% Of LGBTQ+ Teens Still Suffer Discrimination

Black, Indigenous, multi-racial and Hispanic youths made up most of those who had considered self-harm due to discrimination.

A sign for the male restroom 1
Gavin Grimm, Transgender Student Who Just Won A Battle For His (& Other Students) Rights

Supreme Court announced on Monday they would not be entertaining a court case prohibitting transgender Gavin Grimm from using the men’s bathroom.

the charactes from sesame street in front of bus 1
'Sesame Street' Introduces New Family With Two Dads

Love is love and Sesame Street is welcoming a new family with loving arms; two dads!

The supreme court building 1
Supreme Court Will Allow Refusal Of LGBTQ+ Foster Parents By Catholic Agencies

The Supreme Court has “sided” with Catholic Social Services in their refusal to give children to LGBTQ+ foster parents.

A person holding up a pronoun sign 1
"Landmark" Law Will Be Extended To Protect LGBTQ+ Students

The Joe Biden administration has just extended ‘Title IX’ to protect Transgender students in school.

A sign saying that love is love 1
Increase In Teenagers Identifying As Gay Or Bisexual In US

There has been a rise in the number of US teens identifying as gay, lesbian and bisexual.

Conneticut Parenting Bill Protect LBGTQ Families 1
Parenting Bill Protects LGBTQ+ Family & It Needs To Be Nationwide

This new act will take effect on January 1st, 2022, and will make it easier for parents to establish parentage.

A youth with a pride flag and face paint 1
Why More Kids Are "Coming Out"

The age of “coming out” is now drastically younger than it was years ago and this was found through recent research.

'Blues Clues' Releases PRIDE Themed Sing-A-Long For Pride Month 1
'Blues Clues' Releases PRIDE Themed Sing-A-Long For Pride Month

Blue's Clues has put up a video on their YouTube channel that is showcasing the LGBTQ+ community and celebrating Pride month.

A scene from the Madagascar movies 1
'Madagascar: A Little Wild' Will Feature New Pride Episode & New Song

Madagascar: A Little Wild is going to feature a pride-themed episode with a new song and some new characters.

A transgender pride flag on a flag pole 1
High School Students Are Found To Be More "Gender-Diverse" Than Originally Thought

9.2% of children considered themselves “gender-diverse,” a big jump from the 1% the previous study had found.

An open laptop with lgbtq on it 1
LGBTQ+ Youth Created "Safe Spaces" On Social Media During Lockdowns

A new report is finding that LGBTQ+ youths were able to curate “happy spaces” online during the lockdown.

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