As much as mom may dread it, it is unavoidable that winter is coming. The colder months mean a lot of snow, it means having to get the kids in all their winter gear, and it could possibly mean snow days from school. When the weather is not safe, schools are closed, and children are given a “free” day from school.

If mom thinks back to when she was a kid, she likely remembers snow days with fondness. She remembers waking up, realizing that there was a storm last night, and now the schools are closed. It was exciting and fun, and she couldn’t wait to get outside and play.

Now that she has children of her own, it could be a dreaded event. Her children are still excited, but she may be worried about what she can do to keep her kids entertained. Playing out in the snow is fun, but they can get bored with that quickly. That is why we have 10 fun things that kids can do on a snow day, both inside and outside activities.

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10 Go Tobogganing

children toboganning
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This one is a classic and one that the whole family will love. Get all the kids wrapped up and find a local hill in your area. It won’t be long until mom jumps on the toboggan and goes down the hill herself. Before she knows it, she will be laughing out of control.

9 Snow Painting

snow painting kit
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This one is really great, and it is something that kids can do on their own. If mom wants to just throw them outside in the backyard, this activity will keep them busy. All mom needs to do is put some water and food coloring in a water bottle. The kids can take them outside and spray them on the snow, and they will make some great art.

8 Hot Chocolate Bar

Someone Drinking A Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
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This one may be the best for when the children have spent some time outside, and are now ready to come in and warm up. According to Run Wild My Child, mom should always have supplies on hand for a hot chocolate bar. This means hot chocolate, different marshmallows, flavored syrups, and even some candy cane sticks. Everyone can have fun making their own hot chocolates.

7 Make Snow Ice Cream

Is It Safe To Let Our Children Eat Snow?
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If mom wants another treat to go with the hot chocolate, why not go in the kitchen and make some snow ice cream? This is a trend that has been growing, and it only takes a few ingredients. All you need is clean snow, cream, vanilla, and some sugar. Mix it all together, and you have a sweet treat that was fun to make together.

6 Indoor Snowball Fight

Even though the schools are closed, it may still be too hazardous to let children outside to play. The snow could be coming down too hard, the winds are too bitter, or the temperature puts them at risk of frostbite. However, there is no reason to let this stop the classic snow activities. According to Mommy Poppins, you can do an indoor snowball fight with rolled-up paper, plastic wrap, or cotton balls.

5 Build A Fort

A man standing next to a snow fort outisde in the winter
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This one works inside and outside, depending on what your children want to do. The kids can build one outside with snow and different sticks, or they can make one inside with blankets and chairs. The sky's the limit, and they can either have an adventure outside or a comfy movie afternoon inside.

4 Board Games

Children Playing Board Games
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Board games are a classic indoor activity, but life can get busy and families can forget how fun these are to play together. A snow day is a great chance to pull out all of those board games and play them together. This can be a great activity for the night after everyone is tired from a fun day playing in the snow.

3 Building A Snowman

Family building a snowman
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Snowmen are classic figures on lawns after a snowy day, but try and get your children to think a bit more creatively. Maybe they could make a snow family, or snow animals, or try and make their favorite cartoon character. Every family member can do their own, and then there could be a friendly contest to see who was the best.

2 Make Maple Syrup Candies

According to Her View From Home, this is a great chance to make some maple candies. All mom needs to do is boil real maple syrup for 10 minutes, and then pour it on some clean snow. When the syrup has cooled on the snow, your child can pick it up and have a sweet snack.

1 Crafty Snowman

If you want to stay inside, you can make some snowmen from marshmallows. Get creative and use toothpicks to stick them all together and mom can find some edible markers to draw on the face, buttons, or any other parts.

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