If there is one thing mom knows, it is how to plan a party. From birthdays to holidays, moms are always working behind the scenes to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Mom could practically put ‘event planner’ on her resume if she ever wants to go back to work.

Every year, there are birthday parties to plan (multiple if she has more than one child), and mom takes these very seriously. She wants to make sure that her children have the best birthday ever. However, as fun as it can be, it is also exhausting, and mom would likely want a bit of help planning the next party.

What some moms may not have realized is that they can get their sons involved in planning their own birthday parties. There are many lessons to be learned when it comes to planning a party, and they can teach your son some important skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

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Many Lessons In One

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According to Home Cleaning Family, having a boy plan their own birthday party is a great way to teach them responsibility, kindness, and organization. It is a big responsibility to plan a party and make sure you have everything you need, and kindness is used when sending out invites and thinking about what the guests would like to do.

It is also a chance for him to use his creativity. Boys may find that they live in a world that hinders their creativity, and this can be a chance for them to shine. They can think of the theme that they have in mind, and how to execute it.

Helps Them Focus

Birthday Parties Are More Than Fun, They’re Important
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Boys have a lot of stereotypes working against them, and one of them is that they have the inability to focus. That they are full of energy, and they are constantly bouncing from one thing to the next.

According to Skift Meetings, helping to plan an event can help work on their focus. They will have certain tasks that need to be done, and if they write out a list, they can focus on one idea at a time (hence how they are learning about organization). It is great practice for focusing on other projects that will come their way one day.

How To Do It

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It is one thing to know that your son should be planning his own party, but mom may struggle with how she can include him. She is so used to doing everything herself, she may not know how to give up that level of control.

According to Kids Activities Blog, if this is your son’s first time planning a party, you may find yourself doing a lot of it with them.

  • Go through all the to-do items, and listen to their input.
  • Give them age-appropriate tasks that they can manage either on their own or with minimal supervision.

Before you know it, their next party will be all theirs, and they will be excited about it.

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