There are always tasks that mom has to do to make sure that her children are taken care of. They have to make sure they have food to eat, that they have clean clothes, and that they are clean themselves.

Bath nights are typically a lot of fun for children, but they may not be that fun for parents, especially if they have more than one child. Baths can take a lot of time and energy, and mom always has a wet bathroom when they are all done. If mom is looking for ways to take some things off her plate, bath time may be the answer.

If mom has a child who is getting ready to bathe themselves, she may know that she needs to start teaching them how to do it. She needs to make sure they know how to be safe, and that they are actually getting themselves clean and now just fooling around.

We have 10 tips for moms who are ready for their children to wash themselves.

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10 Safety Tips

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The first thing that mom needs to do is make sure her child knows how to be safe in the bath. Even though bathtubs are not that big, and there is not always that much water in them, accidents can happen. Mom needs to make sure her child understands that they should sit in the bathtub, and that bath time is not the time to work on how long they can hold their breath underwater.

9 From Top To Bottom

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When it comes to bath time, there are ways to clean yourself that are better than others, and according to Tubby Todd, mom wants to make sure their child knows that they should be cleaning themselves from head to toe. They should start at the top and work their way down.

8 Product Amount

Another thing that mom will want to teach her child is how much product they should use. This is something that parents may forget about, but if they are not careful, their child could end up dumping out all the soap, or just using too much product that does not get properly rinsed away.

7 Hair Washing

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It is no secret that hair washing may be one of the most difficult things for a child to do themselves, so mom may still have to do that for her child for a few years. Even if your child is protesting you being in there with him, you may still have to wash their hair and then leave. A compromise could be that you have to just come in quickly and make sure they rinse out all the shampoo.

6 Give A Toy A Bath

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According to Smart Parenting, if mom wants to get her child ready to wash themselves, have them practice on a doll or action figure. Mom wants to find anything that resembles a human and can be put in water. The child can practice bathing their toy, and then they will know how to wash themselves. This is a great tip for parents who have children who are not quite ready yet but are getting there.

5 Child-Friendly Basket

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A great idea for moms is to make sure each child has their own bath basket. This is an item that has everything that they will need for the bath, and they can take it into the bath when they need it. This helps them make sure they have everything they need, and it keeps them out of the other products that may be in the bathroom.

4 Bubbles All Gone

When teaching something to children, it is important that it is easy so that they can remember it. When mom is teaching them to rinse their hair or their body, she wants to tell them that they have to rinse until they don’t see any more bubbles in the water. No bubbles mean no soap left.

3 Pay Attention To The Important Parts

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When children are bathing themselves, they may go right to the obvious parts of their body, and they may miss others. According to Fatherly, it is important to make sure that mom is teaching her child to wash the areas that may be missed. This means their necks, behind their ears, underarms, and genital areas. These areas can collect a lot of dirt, and they need to be washed thoroughly.

2 Cleaning Products

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When we clean ourselves, there are many things that we can use, and there are washcloths, sponges, and loofahs. It is important that children have two of these in their bath baskets, and that mom teaches them what they are for. They should have one for their face, and one for the rest of their body. This helps prevent the spread of dirt and germs.

1 Last Step

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When we are teaching children how to bathe themselves, we cannot forget the drying. It is important that children know that they need to dry themselves properly to prevent any sores happening from moisture hiding away. Make sure they have a towel that is not too big for them, and teach them how to dry, from top to bottom.

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