Every mom chooses what is best for her family. Some moms choose to go back to work and make sure they can bring in an extra income for their family, or they just need that break away to interact with other adults and use their education and skills. Some moms choose to stay home with their children, leaving their jobs behind and taking on that new adventure.

However, the inevitable truth is that children grow up, and they reach an age when they don’t need a parent at home anymore. Mom may feel like she needs a job again to get back out there, but that can be incredibly difficult when you have been out of the workforce for so long.

According to INC, the longer someone is unemployed, the less likely they are to get a job within a few months. This is discouraging information for moms who may have been home for years. That is why it is important to make a resume shine so that possible employees see it. The good news is that there are 8 very important skills that a SAHM can transfer to her resume.

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8 Yes, Every Mom Has Time Management Skills

According to Skill Roads, one of the biggest skills that a mom can claim when she has done some time as a SAHM is time management skills. All those times when you were making dinner, breaking up a fight, getting drinks and folding the laundry at the same time can come in handy. A lot of moms forget about this, because they don’t even realize how many things they are doing at one time.

7 You Would Make A Great Party Planner

If you have ever wanted to be an event planner, now is the time to do it. SAHMs have excellent planning skills, and this is not just due to planning birthday parties and holiday dinners. SAHMs plan for every single second of the day. They are planning nap times, activities for the children to do, and all those medical appointments.

6 Priority Skills

This is another skill that is often overlooked by SAHM’s, and that is the ability to prioritize. This is an important skill that workplaces often look for. They want to make sure that you can decipher what is important and needs to be addressed right away. Moms prioritize their whole day and all of their tasks, and they are able to determine in a flash what needs to be done as soon as possible.

5 Dealing With A Toddler Is A Skill In Itself

Being a SAHM gives you first hand experience when it comes to doing any type of customer service work. It takes patience and a little bit of crisis management skills. Moms are the caretaker of their children, and they are able to handle a crisis that may occur on any given day. This could be anything from a toddler meltdown to a medical emergency. What’s more important is that they have learned how to handle them while remaining calm.

4 Problem Solving With Communication

Another big skill that employers look for is problem solving. A lot of managers want an employee who can solve a problem with minimal help from upper management. They want to be able to trust that you can effectively communicate and solve problems on your own. Problem solving is a skill a SAHM definitely has acquired. From potty training to finding that lost toy, we are here to solve any problem that we face.

3 Perfect Time To Be A Negotiator

Negotiation skills come in handy when you are a parent, and if mom has multiple children, she is a pro at it. Siblings fight, and the one who steps in to take care of these situations is mom. Sure, she is probably the hostage, but she always manages to get herself out of that position. Own that skill with pride.

2 Financial Skills

Being a SAHM is often thought of as a privilege; however, it is also a huge sacrifice. If mom really wants to stay home with her children, she usually has to watch the budget very closely because the family has gone down to one income. Managing a household budget means mom picks up on some killer financial skills.

1 Creative Thinking & Mentoring

Mom probably doesn’t realize how creative she is until someone points it out to her. She thinks since she can’t draw a stick figure, she must not be creative. Creativity is a spectrum, and mom constantly has to think of bedtime stories on the spot or fun road trip games to play in the car. These skills are transferable.

Not only is mom creative, but she is a mentor. She can heal broken hearts and calm her child down. Empathy is not a skill to be overlooked.

It is never going to be easy for a SAHM to re-enter the workforce, and mom needs to be ahead of the game to have her resume taken seriously. According to Job Scan, the biggest tip mom needs to do if she is a SAHM is to explain the “gap” in her resume. The space that has been empty for the last 10-18 years. Put “Stay At Home Mom” on your resume as if it was a paid job, and list the skills you learned and attained while you were home with your children. These skills can not be overlooked and they are valuable to any job.

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