A new study has found that there could be some health benefits of switching to tea from coffee. It is often seen as a “funny meme” that moms need coffee to survive. Whether it comes in the form of a latte, a Frappuccino, or an iced coffee, moms need their fuel, and coffee is said to provide that.

Motherhood is exhausting, and while there are some obvious reasons to choose coffee in the morning, there may be other options that are better for mom’s health. Coffee is said to be good for giving an energy boost, but there are drawbacks to drinking too much of it, and studies are constantly looking at the health benefits of alternatives.

According to Study Finds, drinking two cups of black tea every day can decrease the risk of death. This is great news, since moms want to make sure they are around for their children as long as possible.

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The study was done by a research team from the US National Cancer Institute, and it can be read in full here. A new study found that drinking tea daily can reduce the risk of dying young. The good news is that tea also contains caffeine, so mom may still get the energy boost that she needs.

The study also found that drinking two or more cups of black tea daily was better than just having one. The study found, to be exact, that drinking two or more cups had a 9 to 13% lower risk of early death when they were compared to those who did not drink tea. There was also another silver lining in the study, and it found that these results were regardless of whether the person also drank coffee. It also didn’t matter if the person put milk or sugar in their tea, or if they drank it hot or cold.

This means that mom can also have her coffee, but she may be able to sneak in some tea as well. Mom just wants to make sure that she is drinking black tea, and not green or other tea substances. To complete this study, US researchers looked at half a million British adults, who are known for their tea drinking habits. For a mom who is always looking at how she can improve her health, and her lifespan, this may be a great (and easy) way to get some great health benefits.

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