Birthday parties are such a huge occasion these days. No more are the days of going out for pizza with a few friends. For an adventurous child, this is perfect. The bigger, the better as far as they are concerned.

Doing a quick search for birthday party ideas online might end up not being so quick after all. There is no shortage of suggestions and recommendations as they relate to kids. It's great to have a plethora of ideas, but it can also be a little overwhelming when they are all staring you in the face. Luckily, there are some simple [yet super fun] ideas and tips for you, right here!

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10 Laser Tag Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Some, but not all, laser tag venues have the ability to host birthday parties. Reserving a private party room to enjoy some pizza, cake, and ice cream in addition to the activity is a sure way to make the big day even bigger! Depending on where you go, some places may hang some streamers, provide plates and utensils, and even birthday hats. If not, you can always get your own and spruce up the party room in accordance with the child's birthday theme.

9 Paintball Party

birthday party

This activity is best for older kids. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable to get hit with a paintball. Also, making sure there is a healthy knowledge of gun safety and how to properly play this adventurous activity is good. The party can be held in teams or on an individual basis. This is great for adults too, so for older children, their parents could also partake in the fun.

When planning a birthday party that involves paintball, parents want to make sure to have plenty of food and drinks available. Water is essential because this can be an exhausting battle and everyone can stay hydrated then.

8 Trampoline Park Party

birthday party

Trampoline parks are becoming a new trend for throwing birthday parties for children, as parents are looking for a safe fun place where children can enjoy an unforgettable day with friends and families. Trampoline parks are typically indoors, so the weather isn't a concern for this venue. Not only that, but the kids stay engaged and have loads of fun. Working off all that excess energy is great for the parents too. Since this is such a popular trend, most venues will cater the party for you. Parents can remain confident that the staff will ensure the child's birthday party runs like clockwork!

7 Indoors Inflatables Party

Birthday Party

Another type of fun, similar to the trampoline park, is an inflatable party! Big inflatable slides, bouncy houses, and inflatable obstacle courses keep kids busy and active for hours. Nemours Kids Health says regular exercise provides these benefits:

  • Strong muscles and bones
  • Healthy weight
  • Better sleep

Physically active kids also are more likely to be motivated, focused, and successful in school.

6 Indoor Sports Park Party

birthday party

Check your town for indoor sports parks that might also host birthday parties. Many offer indoor basketball, football, and general fitness parties. This way there is something for everyone, and if they get tired of one thing, they can go to another. According to The Boy and Girls Club of America, aside from the mental and physical benefits of it, playing sports teaches the importance of hard work, and that no matter who you are, you work hard to be the very best you can be. It also teaches you to respect and accept others, including your teammates, your opponents, the officials, your coaches, and everyone involved in the sport. One of the key lessons that sports teach is teamwork, which is an invaluable life skill.

5 Bowling Party

birthday party

Bowling in and of itself is a fun sport. But there are plenty of ways to amp it up and make an incredible birthday adventure out of it. For instance, one frame could require the player to say something silly before bowling, while another frame may have players do a dance while walking up to the lane. Parents will want to make sure they ask about bumpers and guides too for the little kids.

Since children aren't exposed to bowling as much as other sports, this might be an opportunity to learn something new. According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute, early learning of new techniques paves the way for learning at school and throughout life.

4 Skating Party

birthday party

Roller Skating is affordable and fun for all ages! Even if guests don't necessarily know how to skate, it's easy to learn. You use just about every muscle in your body skating, so kids will stay active for sure. On top of that is the music. Music makes everything better, it improves mood, reduces stress, and lessens anxiety. They should have a place for a party here as well, so order the cake and go have some fun.

3 Sledding Party

Birthday Party

This obviously is only going to work for a winter birthday, keeping in mind it shouldn't be uncomfortably cold out. Sledding is great exercise and tons of fun for kids of every age. If there isn't a sledding hill available, this could also be turned into a snowman party. There are tons of games to be played in the snow and while sledding.

2 Park Party

birthday party

Having a party at a park (playground) is a cost-effective and fun option for all. Parents may want to find a bigger park to have the party at, so there is enough room for all the children to play and fun things for them to do. Using picnic tables for food and cake is an option, or if there is a pavilion to rent that can be done too. Make sure there is plenty of water for children to stay hydrated.

1 Rock Climbing Wall

birthday party

Rock climbing walls are popping up all over these days. Backyards, malls, and schools. It's no longer a mystical thing everyone is searching for. There are a lot of great places to try out rock climbing aside from what is listed above too.

Whether the children know how to, a good place to start is in an indoor setting under the supervision of trained instructors. Indoor rock-climbing gyms often help out when you book a party there, by providing additional instruction for the kids and safety techniques.

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