There are days that just call for a cupcake. But because parents do not always have time to whip up delicious and sometimes healthy treats from scratch, having recipes at the ready that tweens can make for themselves is a way to not only make them more self-sufficient but also understand the effort it takes to make baked goods without turning to a box mix. Recipes that may sound like they would be difficult to create because of their decadence but are truly very straightforward in their application. This makes them not only easy for tweens to make but gives them a sense of accomplishment for baking them on their own as well.

When baking cupcakes there is the ability for tweens to get creative in ways they may not be able to, otherwise. Not only can they follow recipes that they know will give them the result of a delicious cupcake but the more that they bake, the more flavor profiles tweens are exposed to. That will allow them to begin to experiment with combinations of their own. And in the process, potentially stumble on flavors that pair beautifully together to create a signature cupcake all their own.

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Here are cupcake recipes tweens can make themselves.

10 Coffee Cupcakes

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Coffee cupcakes with a mocha buttercream frosting may sound incredibly hard to create. But at the end of the day, it is simply a matter of combining dry ingredients before adding wet ones. And by doing this, not only the cupcakes but the frosting will be made of fresh ingredients.

The one caveat for coffee cupcakes is that they do contain a bit of caffeine. Because of this, these cupcakes may be a treat that tweens make for their parents rather than consume themselves, especially if tweens have found themselves to be sensitive to caffeinated beverages.

Try this recipe from Itsy Bitsy Kitchen for coffee cupcakes with mocha buttercream frosting.

9 Fruit Tart Vanilla Cupcakes

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For a cupcake that will really show tweens' baking skills off, a fruit tart vanilla cupcake will do just that.

Are there several steps to this recipe? There are. But what is great about it is that it can be made in steps over several days. As such, tweens will not get burned out with what they are working on.

The best part about this recipe is that when those eating the dessert bite into it, they are met with a custard center. A little extra added to the cupcake sounds technical but is something that tweens will be able to do with ease.

Try this recipe from Flavor The Moments for fruit tart vanilla cupcakes.

8 Chocolate Pistachio Cupcakes

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For those tweens who may not quite be ready to use all fresh ingredients in their cupcakes, these chocolate pistachio cupcakes are just the ticket for them.

Using devil's food cake mix and a pistachio pudding mix, the base of the cupcakes is covered from a dry ingredients' standpoint. And by adding in some fresh wet ingredients, there is a nice harmony of baking from scratch and using only box mixes.

Try this recipe from Your Cup Of Cake for easy chocolate pistachio cupcakes.

7 Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

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For those who love the taste of strawberries, strawberry vanilla cupcakes are an amazing choice to make when tweens feel an urge to bake.

With strawberries both baked into the cupcake and worked into the buttercream frosting, it makes for a light and delicious cupcake that even the biggest of critics will be sure to love.

Try these cupcakes from Love And Sugar for some delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

6 Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes

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While people may think of lavender as a flower that provides a relaxing scent for a bedtime routine, it has a place in baking as well.

The flavor of lavender comes from the buttercream frosting in this straightforward recipe. Pairing that with a chocolate cupcake makes for a delicious pairing. And tweens will come across as very sophisticated with their choice of flavor.

Try this recipe from Sparkle Living for divine chocolate lavender cupcakes.

5 Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

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Some people wait until it is fall to create pumpkin spice anything. Others make it a year-round ingredient.

Regardless of what choice tweens decide to make, these pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting will dance on the tongue. It will be hard for them not to become an instant classic in the home no matter what time of year it is between ease to make and flavor.

Try these scrumptious pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from The Blond Cook

4 Red Velvet Cupcakes

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The bright crimson color makes red velvet a favorite for many. And with the mild flavor, those who have never had a red velvet cupcake may just find that they have a new favorite when it comes to cupcakes.

What many people may not know is that red velvet is really a chocolate cupcake. So, for those who want a twist on the traditional chocolate cupcake, this makes for a great option. And because it is so easy to make, tweens will have no problem bringing the cupcakes to life.

Try this easy recipe from Divas Can Cook for red velvet cupcakes to remember.

3 Orange Cupcakes

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With their light and refreshing taste, orange cupcakes are a favorite of many. And with them being so simple to make, parents will have to keep oranges in stock at home for how often these cupcakes will be made.

Between the orange in the cake mixture and the orange buttercream frosting, the flavor of the cupcake is not even remotely overwhelming. And between testing the orange and beautiful garnishes, the cupcake will look like it took hours to make. When really, it is one of the simpler recipes for tweens to tackle.

Try this orange cupcake recipe from Sugar Salt Magic for tweens to follow with no assistance needed at all.

2 Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

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One of the most decadent cupcake flavor profiles comes from the chocolate raspberry cupcakes. Something that tweens will be able to create in a snap when the need for cupcakes calls.

With this having several steps to the recipe, these cupcakes are for the more experienced tween baker. But they are still very doable to whip up in a short time. And with the moist cupcake, the ganache, and the raspberry frosting, this will leave everyone impressed with the baking skills tweens possess at completing these cupcakes.

Try this recipe from Garnish & Glaze for a simple chocolate raspberry cupcake tweens can make.

1 Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

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With a flavor profile that is a bit sweet and tangy, lemon blueberry cupcakes are simple and delicious for tweens to make.

With the ingredients being simple, tweens will have no problem following a recipe. And by creating a cream cheese frosting that is divine, they will be asked to make these cupcakes perhaps more often than they had anticipated when setting out to bake some cupcakes on their own.

Try this recipe from Live Well Bake Often for delicious and easy lemon blueberry cupcakes tweens can bake without any assistance from others.

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