According to World Health Organization, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The purpose of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness about mental health problems. Many people, including mothers, deal with some mental health issues. Furthermore, dealing with those issues while trying to take care of kids can be rough. But there are some things moms can do to take care of their mental health and make things a bit easier for themselves.

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Speak To A Therapist

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Moms who are in the LGBTQ2+ community, or those who have children who are a part of that community, might find it helpful to speak with a therapist if they are struggling mentally. Seeing a therapist is a great way to take care of one's mental well-being. Also, according to Flo, there are a few things one should think about if they are looking for a therapist, such as how much it will cost them, and whether they would like to have a therapist who is a part of that community or not.

Chat With Other Members Of The Community

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While speaking with a therapist can be a great self-care tip for some moms, so is talking to other members of the community in general. However, moms usually do not have much time to speak with others face-to-face. But the good thing is that there are many LGBTQ2+ groups that meet virtually, which means that moms could speak to someone else in the community without ever having to leave their homes. This is perfect for moms since they wouldn't have to find a babysitter for their little ones.

Do Something Physical

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Working moms usually find it pretty hard to find time to engage in a bit of self-care. But the good thing is that there are some things they can do to give their mental well-being a boost when it is needed. According to Kaiser Permanente, they can try taking a walk around their neighborhood. They can also try doing some yoga, or a bit of stretching. Going for a run is helpful as well.

Boost The Brain

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Being on mom can be hard on the brain in general, but trying to hold down a job on top of taking care of children is even more difficult. If a working mom feels mentally exhausted at the end of the day, that is perfectly understandable. Fortunately, working moms can try some things to give their brains a boost if they need to. For example, they can try reading a book, or even doing a bit of journaling.

Head To A Coffee Shop

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Stay-at-home moms often do not get many chances to leave their homes, so getting out of the house a bit can be perfect for them. According to Stitch + Salt, moms who do not work outside the home can try going to a coffee shop occasionally. They can also enjoy coffee in the comfort of their own homes, but getting out of the house can be nice when one does not get to go out that often.

Take A Bath

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Moms are usually very tired at the end of the day. After all, they spend all day trying to take care of their children, as well as other tasks that they need to do throughout the day. This can sometimes mean that they do not get to take care of themselves very much. But one thing moms can do when the kids have gone to bed is to take a relaxing bath. They can even play some music or read a book while bathing to make it even more relaxing.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

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Being a mom in general is a very difficult task, but being a single mom is even more difficult. Single mothers have a lot on their plate, and sometimes they could use a bit of help. But, some of them might not want to ask for help.

However, there is nothing wrong with doing that. According to Amy & Rose, moms should try creating a support system that includes supportive people who can babysit their children while they enjoy a bit of alone time, in addition to people who can give them some good advice, or just listen when they need someone to talk to.

Dress Up A Bit

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Some self-care tips are good for all mothers, and this is one of them. Sometimes moms might stay in their pajamas all day when they are feeling down, or tired. But one of the things they can do to help themselves feel a bit better is to dress up on occasion. Moms can do this even if they work from home, which is one reason why this is a great self-care idea. It's a good way to enhance one's mood, as well as confidence.

Remember That Saying No Is Okay

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According to Brain Balance, there is nothing wrong with saying no. Moms, especially those who have special needs children, are very busy people, and they should not feel ashamed if they say no when they are invited to an event or asked to take part in something that they do not have the time and energy for. Furthermore, they do not have to be specific when they are explaining why they are unable to do something.

Head Outside

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If a mother of a child with special needs finds herself in need of some time alone or just wants to enjoy a change of scenery, stepping outside can be good. According to NY Metro Parents, walking can help people who are dealing with depression. One can also try going for a swim, and just sitting outside and enjoying the sunlight.

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