Being mentally and physically healthy is very important for everyone, no matter whether they are parents or not. However, it can be hard for some people to fit working out into their schedule since they often have other engagements to worry about. That is especially true for those that have preschoolers to take care of.

Furthermore, even when a parent does get some time to themselves, they usually feel a bit too tired to do anything that requires a lot of energy.

But raising a preschooler does not mean that one has to give up on exercising. It simply means that they might have to get a bit creative when it comes to figuring out how and when they will exercise. There are lots of things moms can try if they wish to get some exercise done while taking care of young kids.

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Get Some Extra Movement In

Children are brushing their teeth in the bathroom at home. The mother is checking the little boy's mouth to make sure he has brushed properly.

Raising a preschooler can be wonderful, but it can also be really time-consuming, and it can make one very tired at the end of the day. Therefore, some people have a hard time fitting a workout into their schedule when they have young kids to care for.

But one of the cool things about motherhood is that when one is raising a preschooler, moms can come up with ways to get some extra movement in throughout the day. According to Intermountain Healthcare, moms can try brushing their teeth and doing squats simultaneously.

They can also try taking their little ones on walks with them. There are plenty of ways for mothers to get a little extra movement occasionally.

Have A Dance Party

Family dancing

Kids seem to love running around and dancing, so moms that want to get some exercising done while taking care of their little ones can try using this as an opportunity to fit a workout in. According to Parents, they can try things like hosting a dance party. Moms who want to give this a try can create a makeshift stage for their kids to dance on, and they can also play some of their favorite songs.

Do Some Crawling

woman doing plank mom work out

Moms who are raising preschoolers often find that they spend a lot of time on the floor with their children. It turns out that kids are not the only ones who can benefit from this. According to The Bump, moms can try to do a variation of a plank while they are on the floor with their kids.

They can try this by starting out on their hands and knees. Moms just need to make sure that their hands are underneath their shoulders, and that they have placed their knees directly below their hips. Next, they can try to raise their abs and draw them in without raising their hips as well.

After that, they can try moving their hands forward a bit without bending their spine. Lastly, moms should get back into the position that they started out in. This exercise can be repeated for one minute.

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