The weather is getting colder, and the snow is coming, and this means one thing for moms everywhere, that she is sure her child is going to get sick. This is the time of year when viruses and bugs go around, and if mom has a small child in daycare or school, they are bound to bring them home.

No mom wants her child to be sick, and she definitely does not want a virus making its way through her whole house, so she is likely looking for ways to make sure her preschooler stays as healthy as possible. That they have all the tools they need to keep their immune system strong to fight off illnesses.

While the best way to make sure a child stays healthy is to keep them inside the whole winter, this is not realistic for nearly anyone. This means mom has to find other ways to keep her young child healthy, and we have 10 of them.

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10 What They Eat & Drink

Kid Eating Cold Food
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The first place that mom will want to look is what her child is eating and drinking. There are foods and drinks that are immune boosting, and this may be the time to incorporate more of them into your child’s diet. According to Kernodle, mom wants to stick to citrus fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C. Mom can also give her child spinach and red bell peppers, which actually have more vitamin C than citrus items. Vitamin D can also help fight viruses.

9 A Cup Of Tea At Night

Healthy beverage: a cup of chamomile tea
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Before your child goes to bed at night, you may want to try a new bedtime beverage. Make them a warm cup of tea, with no caffeine of course, and mix in some lemon and honey. It is a soothing drink that will work while they are sleeping to strengthen their immune system.

8 Sleep, Sleep & More Sleep

sleeping girl

Sleep is always the best medicine when a child is already sick, but it can also go a long way to preventing them from getting sick. It is important that mom makes sure that her preschooler is getting as much sleep as possible, and that their routine is not being moved and adjusted as much as possible.

7 Handwashing

How Positive Parenting & Hand Hygiene Keep Kids Healthy
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We know that making sure that we are washing our hands is the best way to prevent illness, but preschoolers may not be the best at it. That is unfortunate because their hands are likely the dirtiest of them all. It is important that mom works with her child now on making sure that their hands are being washed as much as possible.

6 Say No To Sugar

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Preschoolers love sweet, sugary snacks, but this may be the time to say no. Sugar works against the immune system by decreasing the white blood cells' ability to fight bacteria. It can also increase inflammation. This is the time to cut down on sweets, which we know is hard with the holidays coming up, but it can be important.

5 Change Clothes

Quickest ways to winterize your home - check your windows
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When our preschoolers get home from daycare or school, it is best to change their clothes, and make sure they keep their shoes at the door. This can go a long way to preventing germs from making their way into your home and keeping everyone in the house healthy.

4 Vaccinate

child with face mask and pop it toy getting a vaccine with mom

Vaccines are a great way to make sure we all stay healthy, and they can really help a preschooler. According to Very Well Family, vaccines, especially the flu shot, are great ways to make sure your preschooler stays healthy. It is also important to make sure your child is up-to-date on all their other immunizations as well.

3 Make Sure They Are Dressed Warm

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While it has been proven to be a myth that just being cold outside can give you a cold, it is still important to make sure your child is bundled up when they are playing outside. If they are too cold, they are at risk for other ailments, and it can lower their immune system, which can make them more susceptible to viruses.

2 Probiotic

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Antibiotics are typically prescribed when a child has an infection, but if mom wants to be a bit more proactive, instead of reactive, she can give her preschooler a probiotic every day. According to Eating Made Easy, there are many food products that contain probiotics, like yogurt, and this can make a great breakfast for a preschooler. Pair in some of those fresh fruits, and you are making sure they have the best weapons against illnesses.

1 Teach Them To Be Aware

child coughing

While this one may be a bit difficult, it is never too early to teach our children about being aware of when they are not feeling well, and when people around them are not feeling well. Take this time to teach them how to cough in their elbow, how to tell an adult if they don’t feel well, and how to keep their distance from those who are coughing, and sick.

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