As our little girls grow up into teenagers, they no longer want to hang on to anything that makes them seem like a little kid. They say goodbye to toys and pretend play, and trade it in for things like magazines and gossiping on the phone. At some point, this also means your teenage daughter will want to redo her whole bedroom too… and she will probably want it to look more like an adult bedroom than a little girl's space.

Luckily for you, we've got seven suggestions for gender neutral, sophisticated bedrooms for teenage girls.

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7 Bohemian Style Patterns and Textures

If your teen girl wants something neutral but bold, Wayfair recommends a Bohemian style room. This lets your daughter bring in exciting colors, patterns, and textures without giving the room "girly" or "childish" vibes. And since this style is extremely versatile, your teen girl can modify it to her heart's content.

To pull off this look, go for a wide assortment of textures, and don't be afraid to pull in bold colors. Also, feel free to mix and match furniture materials and pile on mixed patterns.

6 Go For The Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse is one of the trendiest decorating styles out there right now, and it's perfect for that gender neutral look. All you need to do is start with some light wood furniture pieces plus neutral colors like cream, gray, and white. Then, you can find or make accent pieces like throw pillows, a desk chair, or even wall art.

If your teen really wants to have some fun, you could even hit up thrift stores or antique shops to find colorful and fun accent pieces that are truly unique. Earth tones also look great in this style room, and of course lighting can brighten things up, too!

5 Try White Walls With Bold Colors

According to the team at The Spruce, white walls can set the stage for a colorful, but neutral room. With white walls and even white furniture, pretty much anything goes when it comes to decor and bedding, which leaves your teen daughter with nearly endless possibilities.

Whether you throw in patterned bedding, funky accent items, bold wall art or a combination of all three, chances are your teen girl will love the end result. You can even finish it off with some exciting lighting!

4 Enjoy Coastal Vibes

Whether or not your daughter grew up loving The Little Mermaid or Moana, chances are she will love a beachy bedroom during her teenage years. Luckily coastal vibes are in right now too, which makes it easy to find anything you could possibly imagine to decorate this beach oasis.

The coastal look can be as neutral or bold as you and your teen girl want, and it can easily be adapted over time. You just need to decide what type of "beach vibe" will best fit your daughter's personality and make it a fun place to hang out.

3 Black Tie, But With Glamorous Accents

Sure, color is nice… but what about a room for the teen girl who is very into glitter or all things gold? In this scenario, the team at Raising Teens Today suggests what they call "black and white with a touch of glam."

To pull off this look, you can start with simple white and black main items, then add in gold accent items like lighting, wall art, and decor. Or, if your daughter is into a different glam color, you can easily adjust to work with rose gold or silver. Also, anything can become gold with some spray paint.

2 Scandinavian Style

IKEA is very popular, and therefore their modern, minimalist vibe has become popular as well. What's more, this can absolutely get you that gender neutral look without breaking the bank.

To pull off the Scandinavian style in your teen girl's bedroom, you can either just buy everything at IKEA or DIY. If you want to DIY, you can just strip any paint off of furniture and go for a light stained wood look mixed with white and other soft colors. Stick to very simple accent pieces that are geometric and bland, with the exception of one or two statement pieces.

1 Stick With Earth Tones

Earth tones are always in, and they're also always a safe way to keep things simple and neutral. If you've got a girl who loves to keep it natural, this setup will work well.

When planning out the room, consider using plants (real or fake) as part of the decor. It can give the room a rich, earthy feel while also adding a more mature, adult touch to the space. Also, don't be afraid to spice things up with an accent wall that has texture or even real wood.

Teen girls want everything to look mature and less child-like, especially in their bedroom. Luckily these seven ideas can help you keep things gender-neutral without losing all the fun.

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