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Uncontrollable Outside Factors In Parenting

Learning and recognizing what we cannot control and letting go can be the best way to embrace motherhood and live your best mom life.

Survival Mode  1
What It's Like Parenting In Survival Mode

When the body tries to protect us, it's usually a good thing, but when it tries to protect us too much, it can become a bad thing.

More Than Half Of Parents State They Are Terrible Cooks

Preparing meals for their families is the biggest stressor for parents.

Sharing Custody  1
Does Sharing Custody Of Children Ever Get Better Emotionally?

Aside from the obvious reason of having to live without your children part of the time, there are other reasons sharing custody is hard.

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Why Your Parenting Style Will Change With Each Child

Parenting styles often change when parents have more than one child, and there are a few different reasons why.

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Why Sometimes Listening To Experts Doesn't Allow You To Parent Best

Moms know their kids better than anyone else. As such one-size-fits-all parenting techniques will not work for everyone.

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Testosterone Actually Prompts Men To Cuddle More

Instead of just getting a bad rap for aggression, testosterone may be responsible for men being more affectionate toward their partners as well.

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Here's Proof That If Hubby Did Chores, You'd Be More "In The Mood"

If men want to be more desired, they simply need to pull their domestic weight.

Fathers More Engaged Now Than In Generations Past

This can all have a ripple effect that means that the home is more cohesive, and has less stress brewing around it.

To The Man Who Made Me A Mom & Stuck By Me

You've been there through thick and thin.

Skip The Gym Dads! Women Love The "Dad Bod"

It has even gone so far as to say that a dad bod is the “new six-pack.”