Parenting can be very challenging, especially for millennial mothers. Raising children can be great, but it can also be terrifying and stressful at times. Furthermore, being a parent often leaves a person very little time to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, that is something that they need to find time to do.

Additionally, self-soothing is a great way for moms to engage in some self-care. Furthermore, moms can use each of their five senses to self-soothe.

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Use Touch & Take A Bath

Woman taking bath

There are quite a few ways that moms can use their five senses to soothe themselves. Furthermore, at least one of those ways involves water. According to Savyn Tech, moms can try using their sense of touch by taking a bath when they are feeling stressed out, or upset, or when they simply need a break. They can also try putting on some clothes that feel very comfortable to them when they wish to soothe themselves.

Watch Something Entertaining

Person watching tv

When moms feel as though they need to take a moment to calm their nerves, there are lots of different things they can try doing. For example, they can use their sense of sight by watching something that they find to be entertaining.

For example, they can try enjoying one of their favorite movies or television shows. They can also step outside for a bit and enjoy watching some clouds in the sky.

They Can Surprise Their Taste Buds

A woman eating a chocolate donut

All of a person's five senses can be used when they wish to soothe themselves, including their sense of taste. There are multiple ways in which moms can use their taste buds to do some self-soothing. For example, they can try surprising their taste buds just a bit by eating something that they would not normally eat. Then, they can listen to the sounds of themselves eating whatever that may be while they focus on the taste of it.

Use Them With Some Lotion

Woman using lotion

One of the great things about using the five senses to self-soothe is that there are some activities moms can take part in that involve more than one of them. For example, they can try using some lotion. According to The Catalyst Center, they can try using one that has a scent so that they can enjoy smelling it while they give themselves a massage, which can be a great way for moms to relax.

Enjoy A Treat


While moms can surprise their taste buds with something new, or even something that they would not normally eat, they can also try self-soothing by enjoying a treat that they know they enjoy. Furthermore, they can also just try cooking up a nice meal that they typically like. Then, they can really focus on how it tastes when they are chewing it, as well as how it feels when they are swallowing each bite.

Beverages Can Be Soothing

Woman drinking tea

In addition to enjoying a favorite meal or a snack that they are not used to eating, there is another way moms can self-soothe by using their taste buds. They can try drinking a beverage that they find soothing. For example, they can drink a cup of hot chocolate. Furthermore, moms might find that they enjoy brewing a bit of herbal tea when they are feeling a bit stressed out. There are lots of herbal teas that can help calm a person's nerves.

A Change Of Temperature Helps

Hands in water

When moms feel like they need to do some self-soothing, they should try something that will change their body temperature and involve their sense of touch. One effective way that a person can do this is by washing their face in cold water, according to 2U. While they are doing that, they should try to hold their breath for approximately 30 seconds. They can even try holding it for a minute if that is possible for them.

Flowers Can Be Beneficial

Woman and child with flowers

Lots of people enjoy flowers, and it turns out that a person can use flowers when they are in need of a bit of self-soothing. For example, a mom who wishes to soothe herself can try going out and buying some flowers that she can place in her bedroom. Furthermore, if a mom already has flowers, she can just take a moment to enjoy their scent. Moms can try burning one of their favorite candles as well.

Listen To Music

Woman dancing with headphones

There are a couple of different ways that moms can soothe themselves by using their sense of hearing. One of those ways is by listening to music. They can try listening to their favorite songs or even listening to songs that make them think about some happy memories that they have.

Use Positive Affirmations

woman smiling in the mirror

Another great way for moms to use their sense of hearing is by listening to themselves as they repeat positive affirmations. While doing this, moms can focus on the sounds of their voices, and they can also focus on the meaning of the words that they are saying.

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