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Why Some Moms Never Get Sick

Being a mom gives you superhuman powers to fight germs. Not really, but it may seem like that to some.

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Half Of Parents Had A Sick Child This School Year Already

With the first normal school year back in swing since the pandemic, parents are finding their kids are getting sick in droves.

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Childhood "Blindness" Cases Could Have Been Prevented

The wait times are long, and this can be a large factor in why children are losing their vision.

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Type 1 Diabetes May Be Worse For Girls, What Parents Should Know

Girls with type 1 diabetes may have a worse situation when it comes to blood sugar control, as well as other factors.

Pandemic Led To Increased Diagnosis Of Type 1 Diabetes In Children

COVID-19 was linked to a 72% increase in new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in children.

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Chronic Illness & Motherhood: The Struggle Is Real

It's often joked about on social media, that moms don't get sick, or can't get sick, because they don't have time. What happens when she does though?

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I'm Not A "Crazy" Paranoid Mom, My Son Just Has A Hidden Illness

Since he only has one working kidney, we always have to be mindful of his good kidney.

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Children Hospitalized With COVID-19 Or MIS-C Had Symptoms 2 Months Later

This is another reason why parents need to still be mindful about the virus.

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Kids Deficient In Vitamin D Likely To Suffer Respiratory Illnesses

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin, and a lot of it comes from time outside in the sun.

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CDC Officially Ends Test-To-Stay In Schools

Students will not need to test or quarantine if they have been exposed regardless of their vaccination status.

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Children With Obesity Not Being Screened For Other Illnesses

Most children in the US who are diagnosed with obesity are not being tested for conditions like diabetes and liver disease.

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Kids Less Likely Transmit COVID To Others Confirmed

With kids being more apt to be asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic, they appear to be less likely to transmit original COVID to others.

Parasite Infection In Kids Linked To Poverty

25% had evidence of infections from a certain type of parasitic worm, helminths.

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Researchers Look At What Increases Asthma Symptoms In Children

This sends an important notice and reminder to parents on what they need to protect their children against.

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"Disney Rash" Is A Thing & Here's What To Watch Out For

This rash is most commonly seen in people who are at the theme park.

Measles Cases Are Up 80% In 2022 1
Measles Cases Are Up Almost 80% In 2022

Measles cases are up 79% across the world in the current year, and this is directly due to delays in childhood vaccinations.

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New Screening Can Detect Kids' Schizophrenia Risk In Just 5 Minutes

This new screening is just 16 questions, and it is a self-report questionnaire.

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Kids With IBD Have Increased Risk For Cancer

The longer the body suffers from IBD, the higher the chance there is to be diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer.

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Eating Disorder Symptoms Reduced By Strong Family Bond

At the start of the pandemic, those with eating disorders had heightened anxiety about finding food for their meal plans.