Bedtime can seem like such a relief for moms. It’s finally the time to slow down and relax. And once kids are asleep, you can enjoy some quiet time doing a chore, catching up on your favorite Hulu show (or Disney movie), or maybe even some time for a face mask and wine. But with the relief, a little stress may peak through.

Getting kids to bed isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if you have two or more. They always have to get up to use the bathroom, all of a sudden, they are hungry, or they downright throw a tantrum, and you’ve had it.

Bedtime can be a pleasant time, if kids know it’s time to connect with the person they truly care about the most; you! Spending time with your kids may not always be possible, regardless of what type of mom you are.

  • Working moms are exhausted from dealing with others or exerting their mental energy all day.
  • Stay-at-home moms are tending to their homes and continue to do so past the regular working hours. They are in their “office” 24/7 and if they were able to leave the house for coffee, they consider that a win. Even if you did not do much, mom’s mood feels sluggish.
  • Single moms work and have to come home to work some more. Bedtime is a legit dream; enough said.

No matter how tired mom is, she will still feel like she might not have given the proper attention her children deserve. That is why bedtime is a great time to bond with each child. Bedtime is a quieter time and our bodies are winding down to rest.

Here are 12 ways moms can connect with their children before bedtime, because moms are busy before that.

11 Unplug Electronics An Hour (Or So) Before Bedtime

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Telling children that it’s time for bed soon, so they must turn off their tablets, phones, TVs, etc. is beneficial for you and them. It signals their brains that it’s time to prepare to be in a more relaxed state.

Several studies have shown that electronics take away from a child’s proper night’s rest. Blue light is known to suppress melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that makes us feel sleepy.

As we know, parents are role models for kids whether they like it or not. If mom can’t be without her phone for an hour, then try 30 minutes. This might take practice for some. This will help children also practice self-discipline. Self-discipline can be hard, but trying little by little will also let kids know that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

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10 Ask Questions (Even Intellectual Ones)

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This one can be tricky. Having a discussion will allow a child to ask questions, and the night can turn out to be long. But mom can determine when enough is enough.

Asking a child what they think about a particular topic helps mom to get to know her child. What’s more, her child will get to know mom and get information they might not get anywhere else.

9 This One Is Simple, Read A Bedtime Story

Mother Reading To Son In Bed Nighttime
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Reading a bedtime story has an enormous amount of benefits for children.

Psychology Today stated that new studies proved that nighttime reading can “improve a child's brain function, mental imagery, imagination, theory of mind (ToM), and make a child more empathetic.”

Apart from spending time with mom, reading a bedtime story also aids kids with their communication and literacy skills. Nighttime reading feeds a child’s imagination which in turn creates more opportunity for a child to be more creative. Being creative allows a child to desire to explore more out of their minds and environment.

8 Pray Or Say Affirmations

mom and dad with child on bed
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Prayers and affirmations are a great way to bond. You have a common goal to wish others well and yourselves. This helps support a positive environment, gives a child hope, and creates the ability to empathize as well.

7 Talk About Something That Happened In Your Day

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Oftentimes, parents will ask their children how their day at school went. But kids might not ask, “Mom, how was your day?” It’s possible that they may not think it’s their business, or they simply didn’t think to ask. But when mom tells her child something about her day, the child will feel included. They feel like mom is trusting them like she would a friend.

This may also help a child develop a sense of maturity. Of course, talk about appropriate subjects for their age. But maturity can grow because the child will feel important enough to be someone to listen to mom’s life.

They may also fall asleep quicker listening to your voice. So, that's a win for you and them.

6 Have A Calming Snack Together

tea and biscuits
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Having some chamomile tea and biscuits is a delicate bedtime snack. The calming chamomile tea will help soothe the body. This little moment gives mom and child an opportunity to chat. And being that it’s nighttime, a quieter conversation can take place. This special time is like dinnertime as a family but a mini version.

Plus, eating a snack will eliminate the “I’m hungry” phrase that moms hear all too often before bed. Just make sure your child uses the bathroom before heading off to bed. Tea can make a child feel like they need to use the potty, and it’s a good way to fully empty the bladder.

5 Talk About Something Meaningful

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Philosophical or religious, these conversations are important to build a child’s morale. Not only that, you are raising your child. Therefore, whatever beliefs you want to instill in them will be easier taken during this time.

Nighttime is a time to calm down and relax. When anyone is in this state it is easier to listen and take in information. Not only that, teaching your children something you firmly believe helps give them a foundation to stand on. It opens the door to their own beliefs as they grow up.

The Global Indian International School stated, “Teaching kids good values and responsibility help them to think from others' perspective and help others. It might also help them to know their purpose in life and what good things they need to do for others in society. Moral values help people to be more selfless and put the needs of others before themselves.”

4 Give A Kiss & A Hug And Sit On Their Bed In Silence

mom sleeping with child on bed
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A warm hug and sweet kiss is sometimes all mom can muster up to do. A long workday can completely drain mom. This doesn't change the fact that kids still need to go to bed. Sending them off to bed and walking away may not be your thing. So, a kiss and hug can suffice. Sitting on their bed for a few minutes and moving on to the next child's bed can be enough to say you are there for them.

3 Use Your Child’s Love Language To Bond

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Children have a love language just like adults. Some feel special when words of affirmation are said; others feel that physical touch is what I need to feel comforted. Knowing each child's love language, not just your own, can benefit the bond you share with them.

2 Do The Regular Bedtime Routine With Some Soothing Music

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A regular routine such as brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, and whatever else is another way to signal bedtime. This time, try doing it together.

1 Do Some Yoga Or Stretches Together

Tree Pose
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Stretching or light yoga can put the body in a more relaxed stay. You can both think of anything that happened during the day, and release any tension by doing some stretches. You can pretend you are melting away the stress from the body as it relaxes after certain positions.

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