Mothers spend so much time making sure everyone in their lives has what they need. They make sure their children have food, clothes and that their emotional needs are taken care of. They may sure their husband is happy and cared for, and they even make sure any furry friend in their lives does well and is happy. They spend a lot of time making sure the house runs smoothly, and even the houseplants can thrive if mom is making sure they are taken care of. If this sounds like a lot for one person, that’s because it is.

All of these things can also be why a lot of moms put their own happiness on the back burner. It is often thought by society that a mom will always put others before herself, and while a lot of moms do this, they are doing it at the cost of their own well-being and happiness. How is a house supposed to run if mom is not happy? How are children and partners supposed to feel fulfilled when the person caring for them is not happy? The answer is, they can’t and that is only one reason why happiness matters as a mom.

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Happiness Spreads

If there is one thing that mom knows it is that colds and viruses spread through schools and homes, but what does that have to do with happiness? According to Huffington Post, colds and germs are not the only thing that spreads, happiness does as well. When mom is happy, and showing that she is happy (genuinely), then the surrounding people will be happy. The moods we have can influence those around us, and when mom is happy, and walking around with a smile, a laugh or a ‘pep’ to her step, her children and husband will as well.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

While there are a lot of families out there who have a single parent, there are a lot that have two parents and studies have shown that a happy mom leads to a happier marriage. According to Institute for Family Studies, if mom is happy in her relationship and her life, the chances that the marriage lasts is much higher than if mom is not happy. If children are in a home with two parents, they need that relationship to be stable and secure, and making sure mom is happy is the best way to give them this.

Let’s Get Happy

Mom is not just “mom,” she is a human being and this means that her mental health and emotional needs deserve to be attended to. According to Forbes, there are a lot of things that mom can do if she is feeling like she could be a bit happier in life. The most successful way to make sure that mom is happy is to make sure that she is getting self-care breaks. Moms are known for not taking breaks, thinking life is too busy, but breaks are vital for mental health and wellbeing, and they are the best way to make sure that mom stays happy.

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