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Great Games For Tweens & Teens That Aren't Electronic 1
15 Great Games For Tweens & Teens That Aren't Electronic

When looking at games for teens and tweens, most of them require a strategy. This is great because it gets kids thinking outside the box.

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10 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Your Teen

While they are capable of a lot, they are still kids. Expecting too much from them can turn out poorly for both the parent and child.

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Planning For College Starts Freshman Year Of High School

While applications cannot be filled out until senior year, there is a lot of pre-college planning that can be done as soon as high school begins.

Self-Sufficient Teenager 1
Milestones Of A Self-Sufficient Teenager

This has nothing to do with parents doing things for them. This is about showing them the way so they can do it themselves

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How To Build Self-Confidence In A Shy High School Boy

In order for shy high school teens to build confidence, they need to be willing to put themselves out there.

teen mom 1
What Teen Moms Spend Most Of Their Time Doing

Teen moms are moms aged 15-19. It is a process of "babies raising babies."

anxiety 1
What It Might Look Like If Your Teen Has Anxiety

When anxiety doesn't go away, and it becomes more of a person's, everyday life, is when there might be a problem.

Why It's Okay If Your Teen Sometimes Says No To You 1
Why It's Okay If Your Teen Sometimes Says No To You

When teens are put under pressure, though, while generally wanting to make the right decision; it doesn't always happen that way.

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Uplifting A High Schooler Who's Ashamed Of Their Learning Disability

Teens do not want to be different. As such, finding ways to help them feel "normal" will go a long way in making them feel better.

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10 Things Your Teen Wants You To Know When They Have An Eating Disorder

When a parent suspects something is off about their child, it can be alarming to find out it is an eating disorder

texting 1
100 Of The Texting Acronyms Teens Are Using

Please be aware that your child might not even know what these mean. If they are seeing things or more likely hearing things in videos.

teen weight lift 1
Healthy Diets For Teen Boys Who Want To Build Muscle

Do you have a teenage boy trying to take his health into his own hands? Maybe he is eating different, lifting weights, exercising more?

10 Ways To Keep Teen Boys Emotionally Healthy 1
10 Ways To Keep Teen Boys Emotionally Healthy

Their emotional health can be just as important as their physical health, and it is important that mom takes it seriously.

10 Protein-Packed Breakfast Foods For Teens Entering High School

While teenagers need a variety of vitamins and nutrients, protein is still very important to them.

teen boys 1
10 Things You Might Not Be Prepared For With A Teenage Boy

If you currently have a teenage boy in your life, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is going on here, and will I survive?”

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