There are a lot of trends that have started over the last few years, and it seems like taking a selfie is one of them. Lots of people of all ages do it. Even kids take lots of selfies. However, selfies can have a pretty serious impact on how one lives, and how they feel about themselves. That is especially true when it comes to teenagers since they are known to be very vulnerable. Selfies can impact teens in a number of ways.

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They May Be Scrutinizing Their Peers

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Selfies can be fun to take, and even edit, but overall, that might have a negative impact on a person, especially if they are a teenager. Furthermore, selfies might not just have an impact on how a person sees themselves. According to Child Mind Institute, selfies might also make teens scrutinize their peers since they often see them in images that have been edited. This may affect the self-esteem that their peers have negatively.

They Might Become Less Satisfied With Life Overall

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Selfies, and oftentimes social media in general, can make it seem like there are people out there who lead perfect lives, which can impact others negatively. This might make a person feel much less satisfied with their life than they would have felt otherwise. Selfies often show a glamorous side of life, and they can make it seem like there are people who do not have some of the struggles that others might have.

Selfies Might Cause Teens To Be Less Happy When It Comes To Their Weight


Selfies can be pretty damaging to people in a number of ways, and that is especially true when it comes to teenagers. Furthermore, it can make them see themselves in a very negative light. According to the National Library of Medicine, some research has suggested that teenage girls who see selfies on Facebook might find themselves dealing with body image issues. This is something lots of people deal with anyway, but it turns out that seeing selfies others take might just make a teen girl more likely to be dissatisfied with her physical appearance.

Selfies Might Make Depression & Anxiety Worse

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There are many teens who suffer from depression and anxiety whether they take selfies. But one of the things parents should know, especially if their teen enjoys taking selfies, is that they can make anxiety and depression even worse, according to Ascend Healthcare. Parents can help their teens deal with this by creating boundaries when it comes to how often they use their electronic devices.

Selfies Could Make Teens Feel Unloved

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Typically, selfies are posted online so that the person who has posted them can get some attention from other people. If a teen posts a selfie, the chances that they are seeking attention from others seem pretty high. But sometimes they might not get any attention, or they might generate some negative attention. According to Verywell Family, this can make a teen feel as though they are unattractive. It can also make them feel unloved as well.

They Can Be Dangerous To Their Physical Health

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Selfies can be really harmless, but they can also be dangerous as well. Furthermore, sometimes they can be a danger to more than just a teen's self-esteem. They can also be a danger to their physical health as well. For example, some teens might get in the middle of something that could put their physical health in danger just so that they can take a selfie that includes something interesting going on in the background. Also, predators might use selfies to see where a teen is located.

Reputations Could Be Affected

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Reputations are generally pretty important, especially to teens. Also, something that teens and parents should be aware of is that selfies can sometimes affect a person's reputation. For example, a teen might take a personal photo and send it to a few close friends, or someone that they are dating, and then discover that the photo has been posted online or sent to other people. This can have a very negative impact on a person's reputation, which teens might not handle very well.

Teens May Not Be Living In The Moment

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Some experiences are better than the experience of taking a selfie. Also, according to Healthline, those who are spending time taking selfies instead of enjoying making memories might not be living in the moment. This can also impact the relationships people build with one another.

Men Are Looking For Tips

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Girls take a lot of selfies, but they are not the only ones who enjoy doing it. According to Hub Pages, some people are also using the internet to find tips on how men can take selfies. It's possible that this could mean men (including male teenagers) are not feeling very confident about the selfies they take.

Selfies Can Help Introverts

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People of all ages can be introverts, and it turns out that selfies might have a positive impact on them. According to, posting selfies might make an introvert feel a bit less reluctant when it comes to expressing themselves. So, selfies might be a good thing for introverted teens who are looking to come out of their shells a bit.

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