Choosing which products to use when it comes to one's health should be simple, but that is often not the case, especially when it comes to a persons' menstrual cycle. That is because there are so many pads, tampons, and cups to choose from, and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Furthermore, there are organic pads and tampons, which are a bit different from the regular pads and tampons one might see on store shelves.

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Those Who Use Organic Tampons Have A Lower Risk Of A Serious Issue

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One of the issues that one might have to face if they use regular tampons is the risk of developing TSS, which is also known as toxic shock syndrome. But according to Elevays, that's not as big of an issue when it comes to organic tampons.

People who prefer using tampons over cups and pads but wish to lower their chances of developing toxic shock syndrome might want to try using organic tampons. That is because they do not carry as many potentially harmful ingredients as regular tampons do.

One Can Worry Less About Something Being Left Behind

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When one uses regular tampons, they run the risk of parts of a tampon being left inside of them when they remove it. But that is not the case with all organic tampons, which is one thing that makes many organic tampons different from regular ones. Furthermore, this could be a reason why some might want to choose to buy organic tampons instead. Regular tampons can have some unhealthy things in them, and bits of those tampons being left inside a person could be bad.

Regular Tampons Sometimes Contain Endocrine Disrupters


One of the major differences between organic tampons and regular tampons is that regular tampons often contain things that can harm women in a lot of different ways. For example, they contain endocrine disrupters, and organic tampons do not. Endocrine disorders can cause a woman to have issues with her hormones, and they can also cause a person to have fertility problems as well. Furthermore, it is possible that they be connected to cancer.

Regular Tampons Can Be Less Expensive

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There are a lot of things that one must take into consideration if they find that they are considering switching from regular tampons to organic ones. For example, they should know that there are numerous differences between the two.

According to Fumble, one of those differences is the fact that one tends to cost a lot more than the other. While organic tampons might be less harsh on the body than regular tampons are, they can quickly empty a persons' wallet. They often cost more than regular tampons cost.

One Might Experience Unpleasant Things


Those who use regular tampons instead of the organic kind might discover that there are some unpleasant things that one can experience while doing that. A great example is the fact that some people who use regular tampons might experience a burning sensation, and they also might itch. That can happen because regular tampons might have small amounts of chemicals, as well as pesticides, in them due to how they are created. But that does not mean that this will happen to all women who use them.

Organic Are Less Likely To Cause Allergic Reactions

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Just like tampons, there are some big differences one might notice if they try using both synthetic pads and organic pads. According to Nannocare, one of the big differences between the two kinds of pads is that synthetic ones can cause some people to have allergic reactions to them.

Furthermore, they have a lot of plastic in them, and they can irritate the skin sometimes. Organic pads are much less likely to do this since they are made differently.

Regular Pads Aren't As Soft

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If a person is seeking comfort when they are trying to decide which kind of pad to purchase, they might want to give organic products a try. That is because organic pads tend to be a bit more comfortable than regular pads. Synthetic pads often have some small bumps on the surface, which can make them a bit uncomfortable for some people to wear.

Some Regular Pads Are Scented


Menstrual blood can have a very foul smell to it, so it's understandable why a person might wish to buy something that would cover that up, such as a scented sanitary pad. Furthermore, the pleasant smell that comes with some regular pads might make a person feel a bit more fresh and clean. However, scented pads can cause a person to develop a UTI, according to Sanfe.

Organic Pads Aren't As Likely To Cause Health Problems

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Those who use organic pads are less likely to develop certain health problems than those who use regular pads. According to Evolve Essential, regular pads are more likely to cause a person to have a rash, and they might have to deal with some irritated skin as well.

Regular Pads Are Better At Absorbing Liquids

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One of the most important things a person should consider when they are trying to decide which kind of pad, tampon, or cup to try is absorbency. Furthermore, regular pads tend to be more absorbent than organic ones are. That is because synthetic pads have something called sodium polyacrylate, which absorbs liquids as soon as it comes into contact with them. However, that chemical is very unhealthy.

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